It’s always such a shame when we see radiant brides with ill-fitting gowns. Or bridesmaids looking miserable in just-plain-bad bridesmaid dresses. That’s where bridal gown, bridesmaid and cocktail dress, and jewelry designer Erica Angeline comes in. Erica designs dresses made for a woman’s body with lots of personal touches like intricate beading and lace.  Learning more about the studio’s one-and-only clothing and jewelry designer was a blast!

Q: How did you get your start in fashion design?

Erica: Barbie was my first client!

Q: What do you love about working with brides and in the wedding industry?

Erica: I love to see people happy.

Q: What is your best advice for the day-of the wedding?

Erica: Every bride should have a lady-in-waiting to attend to her every need.

Q: Who is your biggest career or artistic inspiration?

Erica: Martha Stewart and Coco Chanel; I love women who don’t apologize.

Q: Who is your dream wedding client, and why?

Erica: It is a tie between Scarlett Johansson and Audrey Tatou. They both have a confidence that is ultra feminine and chic.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

Erica: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Q: Who is your dream concert line-up?

Erica: Jimi Hendrix, Joi, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pink, and Ben Harper.

Q: If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be and what would you eat?

Erica: I would have a hot dog with John Michel Basquiat.

Q: How would you spend your perfect Saturday, from morning ’til night?

Erica: MGM musicals and sushi.