I love to treat myself to simple things and nothing cheers me up more than a beautiful fragrant bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a timeless component of any special occasion.  At Studio Wed, we love what Blossoms Atlanta has been creating for our brides special day. Not only can Blossoms Atlanta make intricate and beautiful arrangements for all special occasions but also create the perfect accessory (other than the groom) for any brides wedding day. Monique’s ability to put together beautiful flower combinations and creative accents such as pearls and crystals makes us proud to have her in our studio!

Monique focuses on the bride and truly makes each client’s experience the best it can possibly be and has been doing so for 31 years! From burlap and lace to chic Victorian era accents, Monique does it all!

Atlanta Event Floral Arrangements Atlanta Wedding Floral Arrangements

Here are some tips when shopping for a florist:

-Make sure to check out their work and see if their style meshes with yours.

-Keep in mind any allergies your bridal party may have

-Consider mixing real and fabric flowers with paper flowers for added textures

-Make sure you know who will be preparing the flowers on your wedding day

-Remember that at the end of the day you are marrying the love of your life, so don’t sweat the small stuff!