The day has finally arrived, the day you have been waiting for since you could remember, the day of your dreams! No not your wedding day- the proposal! You’re full of excitement and happiness! You’re literally on cloud nine! You run to tell your closest friends and family and then reality hits…. Everyone asks  (yes, even strangers) when is the big day? Do you have a planner? Did you set a date? Have you selected your venue? So many questions and you haven’t even been engaged for 48 hours! The nerves set in and you start to feel a little overwhelmed. You don’t know which photographer to choose, and your best friend’s iPhone 6 isn’t going to cut it! You didn’t realize all the details that go into planning your day. Luckily you found Studiowed Atlanta! We can be your safe haven to all your wedding needs. Studiowed Atlanta is here to help you make your dream day become a reality. Our studio has portfolios, samples, displays and inspiration from Atlanta’s best wedding professionals. Follow Studiowed Atlanta’s blog to embark on the journey as we take “The Walk Down the Aisle”!

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