Finally! Something sweet to talk about… wink, wink.

If there was EVER a reason (not to mention 50) to sign up for The Inspired Bride, it’s to take home a free candy bar. But, let me rephrase that – Not just an everyday, buy-it-at-Publix candy bar… a CHOCOMIZE bar.

The gooey, goody chocolate bars are the end-all to indulgence… Whether it be reserves in the bridal suite, personalized thank you’s for your guests or a sweet treat inside the hotel welcome bags, these desserts are pleasers. And they’re delicious… duh.

Add your message to the custom packaging, or include a fun lovebird pic to be a keepsake long after the insides are gone. It’s easy, affordable and a gift that truly keeps on giving (until they’ve eaten it all).

Make sure you’re registered for the event here, and get ready to indulge in inspiration.