Okay, so not all summer soirees work with Martini glasses… Sometimes you need something a little less sloshy and a little more hot-weather proof. Break out that blender again, friends–This one is a double dose of delicious doozy.

Lyght House Cocktails calls this one the Rise ‘N’ Shake

Photo Courtesy of Project Duo Photography

Grab a handful of the freshest strawberries your supermarket has to sell… Toss in 2-3 kiwis and a medium-sized banana. Next, pour in 3 ounces of milk (your choice)… top with ice and blend away! Perfect for your bridesmaids luncheons, bridal showers or special occasion brunches and lunches, this non-al option is JUST as delicious as it’s spiked cocktail cousins.

(And if you want an extra poolside punch, splash a bit of your favorite fruity-flavored rum and sip slow.)

Once you’ve got a tropical-colored, smooth and creamy dream drink, pour into your glass of choice and garnish with a vibrant kiwi. It’s healthy, fresh and guaranteed good.

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