A StudioWed favorite, St. Germain is probably THE best new bridal booze on the market. Light, subtle and perfect with just about any kind of mixer, it lends itself to an elegant and memorable signature cocktail. In fact, you’ve probably had it at one of our studio events, poured by Miss Carmaleita Lyght herself, owner of Lyght House Cocktails.

This week, she serves up the signature St. Germain & Champagne

It’s another easy one… Just pour 5 ounces of your favorite prosecco or champagne (chilled) and 1 ounce of St. Germain into a flute. Splash with Club Soda and raise your glass to toast style, flavor and your favorite new cocktail.

For more information about Lyght House Cocktails, visit www.lyghthousecocktails.com