Over the years, the typical wedding cake has transitioned from a plain, white formality to a vibrant creation that reflects the entire aesthetic of the wedding. For Goodness Cakes specializes in creating unique, detailed cakes that can compliment any reception, and with 25 flavors and 13 fillings to choose from, you can guarantee that your cake will taste as fantastic as it looks.
Keep reading to learn more about the people and inspiration behind For Goodness Cakes.




Where are you based?

We are in Norcross off of Jimmy Carter and 85

6070 Dawson Blvd., Suite C

Norcross, GA 30093

Do you offer your services to clients outside of Atlanta?

Not typically.  Cakes tend to not travel well, so it just depends on the circumstances. 

What options for customization do you offer?

We offer custom design from top to bottom.  It starts out with custom structures to the details and colors within the design.


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At what point in the wedding planning process should clients begin meeting with you?

The cake should be one of the last décor pieces to design, so it fits seamlessly within the atmosphere.  We typically meet with clients from 9-3 months prior to the wedding.

Could you describe the creative process behind designing your cakes?

We like to get inspired by the feel of the entire wedding and take bits and pieces from different elements to truly make a major design feature within the reception.  Inspiration can come from the bride’s dress, the invitations or simply the textures used within the wedding.  We begin by building structures with Styrofoam to get the exact size and shape we want and then we start sketching.  I send over ideas to the couple and planner and it is truly a collaborative effort.


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What are some of your favorite cake trends at the moment?

We are loving the trend of color cakes instead of the traditional white wedding cake.  It is enabling us to stretch ourselves outside of the box a little bit with design and we are loving how they turn out in the reception environment.  Metallics and painted cakes are also some of our favorite trends.   It really turns a cake into a canvas and really gives a beautiful artistic touch to receptions.



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What makes your service unique?

We push the boundaries.  We really try to do things that you have never seen before to truly make a client’s wedding a once in a lifetime experience.  Our owner was an engineer prior to starting the company, so we approach structures and challenges in a very mathematical and precise way.  If a client or planner has an idea… we are always up for the challenge!
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What is something that most people don’t know about you or your business?

That we are all science nerds.  A lot of people don’t realize how much science is actually involved from the precision within the baking process to the way the cake acts in different temperatures.  We are incredibly passionate about making our cakes perfect.  We spend a lot of time planning and trialing prior to the wedding weekend and leave nothing up to chance.

Where can I contact you and learn more about For Goodness Cakes?

You can email us at info@forgoodnesscakes.net or check out our Instagram @forgoodcakes!



Photo credit: http://forgoodnesscakes.net/wedding-cakes