Let’s get real about life after the wedding. Someone’s going to have to put dinner on the table. And, I’m not naming any names, because you know in my house we host a cooking competition of sorts, but someone’s gotta make it happen.

So, new brides and grooms, here’s the solution to your grumbling tummies – the super chic team at Garnish & Gather has created a full line-up of gourmet meals delivered right to your door.

Here’s how it works – You pick out the menu, they deliver all of the ingredients in exactly the right proportions, letting you prepare a fun and awesome meal for your friends, family or new spouse (smug smiley face, here).

In? We thought so. So here’s a cool skinny – One lucky bride is going to walk away with a WEEK’S worth of meals for her new home. How? You’ve got to register to win it at The Inspired Bride happening this Sunday at W Hotel Midtown. Register here, brides and get ready for serious inspiration (and maybe a week free of recipe disasters).