Well, the holidays better hurry and get here, because we’ve wrapped yet another successful Bridal Boot Camp series here at StudioWed Atlanta. We got to meet some fun newly engaged ladies, try refreshing (read: sometimes ridiculous) new workouts, win awesome prizes and get our bridal butts in gear for the big day!

Here’s a look at our favorites from the season. A huge thanks to the brides who joined us and the fitness professionals who made us sweat!

Balance Fitness welcomed brides and some of our StudioWed crew to their Smyrna studio where we embarked on an hour-long training session mixed up with cardio, strength training, and obviously, endurance. But, to make sure we weren’t groaning too much, they introduced us to their in-house massage therapists, who stretched out our problem areas and relieved tension in our neck and shoulders. (Personally, I wish EVERY workout came with a complimentary massage!). Brides took home beach towels and tank tops from our cocktail sponsor, SkinnyGirl Margaritas, and entered for a chance to win custom garters, bottles of bubbly and gift packs from Balance Fitness.

Ramped Revo-Fit transformed our Brickworks complex right outside the studio into a training field. We climbed stairs, lunged our way around the complex, raced each other across the courtyard and tested our arms’ endurance like crazy. The workout was set to fun music and went by quickly, so everyone left energized and excited. I will admit I was sore for a week, though! Which we know means it was a really good workout. After the workout, we sipped champagne with shaky arms to celebrate a good sweat and attendees took home fun gifts and prizes.

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