Okay, okay, so I am a little biased. But, that bias comes justified, since I trusted the StudioWed team with my own wedding two years ago. Since then, the group of creative geniuses housed within these four walls has evolved into something that magazine editors and celebrity wedding consultants refer to, admire and copy.

The good news is that these guys love to show off and share their ideas – taking a popular trend and interpreting it through design for all kinds of brides and their individual styles.


Last year (photo by Janet Howard Studio), we took famous love stories from the big screen and brought them to life for the modern day woman—from elegant and chic to comfortable and exotic. Meaning, no matter what kind of bride attended (the barnyard bride to the ballroom bride), there was something she could snap a picture of, add to her Pinterest board and make her dreams come true.

We love that. And we want you to experience it too – Register now at www.studiowedinspired.eventbrite.com


This year, expect vignettes drawn from classic style icons of our lifetime. From Coco Chanel’s powerful points on women and women’s fashion, to Valentino’s red-hot elegance and Kate Spade’s chic pink pops of fun. See Ralph Lauren’s savvy prep transformed into aisle-ready ideas and the overall fashion influence on StudioWed and the way we do things, as a whole.


Have questions? Email us at atlanta@studiowed.net