Oh boy! Oh boy!  It’s that time of year! You guessed it; it’s Inspired Bride time! Hosted by none other than yours truly, StudioWed ! Girls, let’s get pumped for the event the year.

StudioWed Inspired Bride 2014 (1)


We’ve got some awesome treats for you.  Not to mention our designer vignettes we have for you all such as Valentino, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren! Seriously, who doesn’t love Ralph Lauren?



We have our lovely event designers from A Big To Do Events will be orchestrating this awesome Ralph Lauren inspired vignette!

big to do


Get a chance to see the beloved All-American fashion brand totally transformed into a themed showroom giving you sneak peeks of a Ralph Lauren inspired wedding; from ceremonial attire all the way to the reception décor.

wedding wire 1





To all my brides out there, if you love the classic Ralph Lauren style , which we know tons of you do, the Inspired Bride Event is the place is definitely the place to check out what A Big To Do has in store and help you ladies spark some inspiration for that big day of yours!