Name: Savannah Cain

School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Major: Business Administration, Marketing, Industrial Design

Hometown: Gainesville, GA

Hobbies: graphic design, music, fashion

What made you interested in this internship?

I have always loved weddings. They are the epitome of happiness; families and friends gather to support you, you feel (and look) like a princess, and you are marrying someone that you want to be with for the rest of your life. Now, what doesn’t sound better than that!? StudioWed gave me the perfect opportunity to mix something so fun and exciting that I love with my passions and strengths that I want to develop for a career, i.e. marketing and networking. Plus, I can barely think of a better position than helping brides achieve their dream wedding.

What do you like most about StudioWed Atlanta?

The very first time I ever walked into StudioWed, the atmosphere completely put me at ease. Everything is very comfortable and not so stiff like other places. The studio is beautiful and fun, and it is a fantastic environment to surround yourself with. The people you work with, whether that be vendors or your fellow interns, are there to also help brides and want to coordinate with you as a team, making StudioWed an upbeat and innovative place to be.

Fun fact: I am obsessed with Walt Disney World!


Name: Emily Watson

School: Georgia State University

Major: Journalism. I have a concentration in Public Relations as well as a minor in marketing.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Hobbies: fashion & makeup, eating, sports, event planning

What made you interested in this internship?

I actually have a friend who interned at StudioWed. Just hearing the fabulous stories she would tell me, further encouraged me to be a part of the amazing team at StudioWed. Being an active Pinterest user and lover, it is safe to say I already have my own wedding planned out (or at least a few ideas.) Weddings are beautiful, and their beauty is certainly hard to ignore. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and the StudioWed Atlanta location was to die for and also pretty convenient. With my major being PR and having a strong interest in what the company does and stands for, I knew right off the bat, with no hesitation, that this was the place for me! Event planning is a skill of mine, and the idea of being able to incorporate a few of my passions, like weddings, entertainment, and fashion, only excites me more and more every day!

What do you like most about StudioWed Atlanta?

Everything! Come on, what’s not to love?! My first visit into the studio had me floored, to say the least. The interior was stunning, and every space within the studio was uniquely and creatively designed. The atmosphere is very friendly, and inviting, and the idea of “southern comfort” is very clear and present. Kelsey, our new Atlanta Studio Manager, is so kind and personable with every client and employee. For me, it just feels like home! I love how dedicated the team is when keeping up with social media, blogs, in person encounters, and executing plans. Needless to say, I am excited to be a part of the intern team this summer. I hope to become more familiar with our vendors and this industry in general. I look forward to working hard and contributing my own ideas, in order to develop beautiful weddings, happy vendors, happy brides, and happily ever afters.

Fun fact: I love to do impersonations of different celebrities and my friends.

Jocelyn L.

Name: Jocelyn Lopez

School: Georgia State University

Major: Marketing, minor in Art

Hometown: Long Beach, New York

Hobbies: drawing, watching reality TV, and spending time with family

What made you interested in this internship?

I am the type of person that gets emotional just watching wedding proposal videos! I love every aspect of a wedding, from the elaborate decorations, the bride’s beautiful dress and just the fact that the marriage ceremony is dedicated to celebrating the love a couple shares. This internship at StudioWed Atlanta was perfect in combining my interest in weddings in addition to helping me learn more about my interests career-wise. Being surrounded by creative individuals will allow me to learn from them in the fields of event planning, marketing, etc. as well as further my knowledge about the wedding industry.

What do you like most about StudioWed Atlanta?

Just walk through the studio and you will witness first-hand what I like most about StudioWed Atlanta! The space has a romantic and vintage-y vibe, decorated in everything “wedding”, from photography to cakes to stationary. There are also plenty of resources available to couples so that they can create their dream wedding, making it easier for them when their big day arrives. StudioWed Atlanta also has the friendliest staff I have ever met, making the environment fun while still keeping it professional.

Fun Fact: I’m Guatemalan-American and I worked for Walt Disney World last year!