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November 2011 Archive

Perks of Being a StudioWed Vendor

Chad Troup, CPA, is coming to StudioWed to discuss small business taxes (updates to tax rules and regulations, tax breaks to know about, trends emerging) and answer questions to help prepare StudioWed vendors for the upcoming tax season.

Our Vendor Accreditation program is designed with our StudioWed vendor’s professional success in mind. We’re unrolling an entire series complete with professional advice on everything from writing good company contracts to marketing for destination weddings!

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor of StudioWed and have owned your professional, licensed business for 2 years or longer, email us at for more information about joining!

~ Kelly

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at StudioWed!


Kelly Plans a Wedding: The Bride & Groom

If you’ve been to see us at StudioWed or come to one of our events, you probably would be able to recognize me (Kelly). I’ve never done a formal “Get to Know Me!” post on our StudioWed blog (although with all my anecdotes on inspiration boards and such, you probably have a pretty good idea of my tastes and likes/dislikes), so what better time to do so now?

Without further ado, here I am!!!!

(Please pardon the blurry picture and the fact that all the pictures from our engagement night are so similar.)

A little about me…

– I am 22 years old (the same age Annie Banks is in Father of the Bride when she gets engaged/married!!!!).
– I have worked with StudioWed since it opened in early 2010 – first as an intern (while I was studying at Belmont) and now as the Studio Manager.
–  My engagement ring is pear-shaped and I like to wear it with the round part up (pointy part down) when I look down at my hand.
– I am Southern, born and raised. I sobbed my eyes out when I found out at age 8 that Scarlett O’Hara was a fictional character.
– I love everything having to do with weddings… the flowers (swoon), the dresses (double swoon), the soft lighting and beautiful details, pretty paper goods, the traditions, and the variety of looks brides choose. I am the residential “wedding fairy godmother” to my girlfriends and take great pride in my extensive “All Things Wedding” Pinterest board.

And now, onto my fiance, Drew!

A little about Drew…

– Drew is a natural redhead! :) His red curly hair and striking green eyes were the first things that drew me (pun intended) to Drew!

– Drew was the first (and last!) college boy I met, kissed, and took home to meet my parents. A mutual friend introduced us the night before classes started and we were inseparable by Day 4.

– He works as an accountant for Reliant Bank currently (while he’s finishing school and starting the CPA process) and begins work for the Kraft CPA Firm in August 2012.

– Drew’s probably the friendliest, most outgoing, sweetest, and funniest person you’ll ever meet. I don’t think he could go anywhere without making a friend.

– He’s also the most enthusiastic, excited person ever. Even if it’s the smallest thing, he finds tremendous joy in everything he does. His family has a dog named Buddy that is pretty much the canine version of Drew:  red-haired, hyper, super-sweet, and loves to give kisses.

(the first picture we took together… freshman year football homecoming at my hometown high school – 2007!)

(and more recently, May 2011 at my sorority’s formal)

To give you the brief version of “our story,” boy meets girl, they’re immediately smitten. Boy asks girl on walk, girl thinks “I’m going to marry him!” Boy gets girl’s phone number and loses it. And then proceeds to wait in their shared dorm lobby until girl comes back down so he can re-retrieve said number. Boy and girl date, they break up for five grueling months (while still seeing each other on-and-off) and finally get back together for the long haul.

Fast-forward 2 and 1/2 years (4 and 1/2 years from the start!) and boy and girl are engaged!!!! Yaaaay!!!!

Proposal story + ring pics to come next week!!!

Inspiringly yours,

~ Kelly

Ruby Grand Opening

You must be living under a rock if you missed the Grand Opening of the newest premiere wedding venue in Nashville – the Ruby! On Thursday, November 3rd several of Nashville’s finest wedding professionals gathered together to put on an amazing event, complete with delicious philly cheese steaks, pumpkin spice cupcakes, pistachio macaroons, and more! Leigh of A Delightful Day planned the whole shebang, Hillary of Brocade designed the gorgeous floral arrangements, and Chef’s Market brought lots of delicious goodies (including dessert cups with mousse and cakey bottoms!) Stunning pictures by Donald Yeager.

The Ruby is located at 2411 Blakemore Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee!