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June 2016 Archive

Preferred Venue : Fontanel

Fontanel is the perfect place for your dream celebration. They have multiple unique venues on the property to suit both your ceremony and reception needs. Let their sales team help you uncover the best option for your big day.


For more information or to plan your event please call the Sales & Events Professionals of Fontanel at 615-876-4618.


Fontanel Wedding Benefits:

Here are just a few of the endless reasons Fontanel is the best choice for your biggest day!

Bridal and Engagement Portrait setting

Bridal Suite (mansion venue only)

Groomsmen Lounge (mansion venue only)

Outdoor and Indoor Ceremony and Reception Options

Tented Options Available

Onsite Catering

Menu Customization Options

Year round access to grounds for planning

Dedicated Event Services Manager

Connection to Nashville’s Premier Vendors for floral, cake, and photography

Overnight Accommodations Available

Rehearsal Dinner Space



The Life Lens : Rachel + Ryan 1.9.2015

We are obsessed with this beautiful video of such a loving couple, taken by our preferred vendor The Life Lens! Grab a box of tissues and watch this gorgeous couple take their vows!

Etiquette Series : Rehearsal Dinner Q&A

Has wedding rehearsal dinner planning got you befuddled and bewildered? Not to worry. We’ve got answers to help you piece together your pre-party puzzle.


Q: What are the rules for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner? Who comes and who doesn’t? I’d like to spend as much time as possible with visiting friends and relatives, but I also want the ceremony to remain a “surprise.”

A: There are no rules! The guest list is pretty much up to you — it can be as simple as you two, your immediate families, and wedding party and their spouses and/or significant others. Or, you can make it a bash and invite all your out-of-town guests. It’s a very good opportunity to maximize your quality time with visiting friends and relatives — you’ll be more relaxed than at the wedding, and you’ll have more time to chat. And don’t worry about ruining the “surprise” for them; they don’t come to the actual ceremony rehearsal — that’s only for the wedding party and your parents. Everyone else joins you afterward for dinner.

Q: My fiance’s family either has no idea they are supposed to host a rehearsal dinner, or they just don’t care! My parents can’t afford it but suggested I invite everyone to a catered party at my house (my fiance and I will pay for it). Aside from their ignorance of wedding stuff, my fiance’s divorced parents hate each other. Would it be really awful if I did not invite them to the rehearsal dinner? I’m stressing about whether or not they’ll ruin it.

A: It would be awful not to invite them. Remember, no matter who they are or what they’re like, your fiance’s parents will soon be your in-laws. No matter how horrible you think they’ll act, you should start off on the right foot by inviting them to this party. Trust me, there will be more trouble if you don’t invite them than if you do. Grit your teeth, grin, and bear it. And it’s true that his parents may not realize they’re supposed to host the rehearsal dinner. It’s up to you and your fiance to either bring it up with them or host the dinner yourselves. The fact that they’re divorced and don’t get along may make asking them to host it more trouble than it’s worth. Remember, too, that the rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be a big to-do — it can be as simple as a home pizza party or burgers on the backyard grill. Look at it as a way to kick back before the wedding; concentrate on your family, your fiance, and your wedding party (this is a good time to present them with their thank-you gifts) instead of dwelling on what his parents might do at the event.

Q: I will be hosting more than 45 people at my rehearsal dinner. Would it be ok to have the dinner at an Italian restaurant/bar/bowling alley? My wedding is very formal and my in-laws are concerned that they will look cheap, but I think it would be fun for everyone to get to know each other. What’s a good plan?

A: The rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to let your families hang out together in a more casual atmosphere. Sometimes, the more formal the wedding, the less formal the rehearsal dinner should be. It’s not tacky at all! The formal wedding will be nicer and more fun because the key players are already comfortable with each other. And a casual rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be unstylish — you can go to a cool Italian restaurant or popular pizza joint and have a blast.

Q: Are written invitations mailed for the rehearsal dinner?

A: The invitations depend on your dinner. If it will be a big party with lots of out-of-town guests in a hotel banquet room or somewhere equally official, then you should send invitations. They can be either formally engraved or handwritten on cards, depending on the occasion’s formality. You’ll also want people to RSVP so you’ll have a head count for the caterer. If your rehearsal dinner will be fairly low-key, a party at a pizza joint or a barbecue at Mom’s house with just the wedding party, you two and your parents, then you don’t really need “official” invitations. Just make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when.

Q: I am curious about the etiquette involving toasts at the rehearsal dinner and the reception. I am the groom and would prefer not to address the group if I am not obliged (I have enough to worry about already!). Does the bride generally make a toast nowadays? Also, even if the bride and groom are not obliged to speak, does the obligation arise once others start making toasts?

A: Here’s the deal with rehearsal-dinner wedding toasts: It does vary but chances are some people will toast you — your parents, the best man, etc. When you are toasted, you should definitely rise in thanks, and perhaps make a toast in return. The bride may also do a toast if she likes. Truthfully, the rehearsal party is traditionally the groom’s and his parents’ thing, so you can’t just fade into the woodwork. Don’t stress out about it, though. You needn’t say anything earth-shattering — just thank whoever toasted you, tell your fiance you love her and can’t wait for your day to begin, and thank your parents for all they’ve done for you. At the reception, the bride and groom generally do not respond to toasts, so you’re off the hook there. If you get nervous, just remember — it’s the best man who’s expected to be witty, not you!

Photo taken by Kristyn Hogan Photography

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New Vendor Spotlight : Beyond Details Nashville

StudioWed Nashville could not be more thrilled to introduce to you, our newest member of the SW family, Beyond Details!


Beyond Details is a full-service boutique catering company that is honored to serve our clients some of the freshest, most delicious custom menus personalized to their tastes throughout Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and all of central Tennessee.

Their passion is for food, presentation, and focus on beautiful event execution is what sets them apart and is the core of what creates the Beyond Details experience.

Beyond Details offers a number of flexible catering and event solutions, from trendy to traditional that can meet all of your entertaining needs. They know every event venue in Nashville and we will help you find the perfect location for a corporate party, brunch, tea party or wedding celebration. Of course we will provide you with delicious catering, florals, event planning, production, décor, and flawless execution. During the past 10 years, Beyond Details has successfully served clients from all ranges of life, with different backgrounds, tastes and styles.

“It is simply our pleasure to make your event the most personalized and exquisite as possible.”


About Beyond Details:

-The Southeast’s one-stop wedding resource for Weddings. Beyond Details will orchestrate your Wedding Day from beginning to end. We will help you create an unforgettable Ceremony and Reception that guests will talk about for years to come. At Beyond Details, our motivation is our client, each being different and unique. Our “outside of the box” thinking and design is what makes each event spectacular. Our goal is to personalize each event to reflect your style, personality and taste buds!


What does a Beyond Details Bride get?

The people who make up Beyond Details are all masters of their craft; from our team of chefs, floral designers, graphic designers, wedding planners, and interior designers who all eat, sleep and breathe entertaining. The Design Team will work together with you and design your whole tablescape from designer linens to incredible choices of china, linens, flatware, stemware and buffet design. The Chefs will create custom menus for each individual to fit your taste buds and budget. Everything we do is ’in-house’ so you can forget about all the running around to different vendors and appointments.

Beyond Details provides exquisite Catering, Florals and Design, Event Furniture, Tables, Chairs, China, Linens, Tents, Event Rentals, Invitations and much more!

The Little Touches

At Beyond Details we strive to go above and beyond the average caterer in every way in order to help create lasting memories at each and every event. Some of the little touches that we add to your food and meal presentation help to achieve this goal.


A few examples are staple salads presented in mason jars, delicious desserts presented in mini mason jars, personal letter branding on your slider buns, and bite sized mini chicken and biscuits and petite waffles to name a few of the outstanding details that our culinary team are hard at work creating. Our expert culinary team strives to remain current in new foods and culinary trends and they are inspired to create with you! There are so many ways to personalize your event when catering in Nashville. Please let us know what little special food touches speak to you and we are happy to accommodate your requests.-

Here is a sample menu, of what they offer:

Contact Beyond Details, today!:

We are SO thrilled to have Beyond Details as part of our family! They are such a talented company and would be perfect for your wedding or special event!