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December 2016 Archive

Happy Holidays from StudioWed Nashville!

StudioWed Nashville would like to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and new year! We’ve had such a wonderful year and are so excited to see what the new year brings! Remember to enjoy this time and make memories with the ones you hold dear.


Happy Holidays!

-StudioWed Nashville

Vendor Spotlight : Modern Trousseau


About Modern Trousseau Nashville: Modern Trousseau’s third U.S. flagship boutique, is nestled in Nashville’s historic downtown neighborhood. Brides are finding “the one” from a large selection of couture wedding gowns all housed in our chic yet modern location at 425 Church St. Brides will also find veils, cocktail dresses, mother’s dresses and accessories all designed and made with love in the USA b Modern Trousseau designer, Callie Tein.



Get to know Madison:

1. What is your favorite vacation spot? — On U.S. soil, it would have to be Miami, FL (my grandparents live there!) But my favorite city in the world is Florence, Italy.

2. Favorite Nashville hangout? — Anywhere in Midtown with live music playing.

3. What is your favorite sport? — I played basketball for 13 years so it’s my favorite sport to play, but my favorite sport to watch is football!

4. What makes you stand out? — I genuinely have a passion for helping people whether in my personal or professional life. When it comes to my brides (and friends) I want everyone to know that I am on their team and will always have their best interest at heart.

5. What does your ideal day look like? — My ideal day starts with a morning coffee while watching the Today Show and someone else picking out my outfit, doing my makeup and hair (kidding, but not really). Then going to brunch with my friends and spending the remainder of the afternoon watching Netflix and relaxing.
What Modern Trousseau Nashville Offers: An intimate bridal experience with custom options in creating a dream wedding gown or evening gown.

What Others Are Saying:

Google Review: Ali Terrell

“I had a pretty specific idea of my perfect wedding dress. Modern Trousseau designed a custom neckline from one of my personal dresses that I love! I had no idea that was even possible in the wedding dress world, but they exceeded my expectations. The whole process was enjoyable with zero stress.

Absolutely the most pleasant experience at MT Nashville. Madison is beyond sweet, helpful, and talented. I couldn’t have been happier that I chose a MT dress.

-Dresses are made to your measurements. I did not need any alterations!

-Super quick delivery times. Most of my friends waited months for their dresses from other places.

-Made in USA

-Bonus: personalized date and monogram inside the dress, sketch of your actual wedding dress (so pretty I framed it!)”

Google Review: Megan Palmisano

Modern Trousseau is not just a store but it was a whole experience. It was such an incredible place to find a wedding gown from start to finish.  The dress was so spectacular and the compliments have been endless. Thank you!


Contact info: or 615-733-0155




December Inspiration Board!

This inspiration board is focused on the loveliness of a winter wedding! Not too many people think of having a winter wedding because of the cold, the empty look of nature, and the dreariness. When in fact, you could have a beautiful wedding in the winter! Yes, wedding pictures outside would be chilly, but think of how neat they would look! There’s something about the look of a white wedding dress against white snow that looks so magical.

As far as your color scheme goes, you’re really able to choose any color, pattern, and style. You would never think of a sequin table cloth as being neutral, but it is! You’re able to add just about any color or pattern and it will absolutely compliment your table cloth!

In this inspiration board, you see white bouquets, blue accents and decorations. While these look fantastic for a winter wedding, don’t feel like that’s the scheme you have to choose! Unlike a spring or fall wedding where there can be a feeling of having to choose certain colors and flowers, with a winter wedding, just about every color and pattern works perfectly!

StudioWed is wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday Season!






Vendor Spotlight : Kristyn Hogan Photography


Vendor Spotlight : Kristyn Hogan Photography 



About Kristyn Hogan Photography: 

When I was ten years old, I picked up a camera, dressed my three year old little brother in a suit, wrapped a white blanket around the neighbor girl and took them into the backyard to take their “wedding photos.” Eight years later, I shot my first wedding with a real bride & groom and fell completely in love. I fell in love with capturing life, with finding a moment and holding onto it forever. It’s been eleven years since that first wedding and I’m still falling in love with these moments that tell a story. And having my husband by my side for every one of them makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

A few things I love besides the look on a groom’s face as he watches his bride walk down the aisle. Jesus. Making my husband laugh. Football. Switzerland. Board games. And closing my eyes & breathing in fresh air.

Please enjoy the moments & stories you find here. I’d love to hear your story.

Get to know Kristyn Hogan:

  1. What is your favorite vacation spot? — Wengen, Switzerland! It’s an amazing spot amidst the Alps that you can only reach by train. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, hundreds of waterfalls and meandering cows with no cars allowed…It really is the most beautiful place on earth.
  1. Favorite Nashville hangout? — Matt & I recently built our home on 11 acres of beautiful countryside outside of Nashville, so right now I have to say that’s our favorite hangout spot!
  1. What is your favorite sport? — We enjoy sailing together, it’s surprisingly quite a work-out!
  1. What makes you stand out? — Matt has the best laugh in the world, ask anyone who knows him and they’ll agree :)
  1. What does your ideal day look like? — Spending time in my garden, going for a hike, relaxing with a glass of wine, playing a strategy game with friends and laughing with my husband.

What Kristyn Hogan Photography Offers: Spirited, Fresh, Timeless wedding photography


What Others Are Saying: “Your husband has the best laugh in the world. And you take pretty great photos too.”


Contact info: On the web: / On Instagram: @kristynhogan /