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April 2016 Archive

Wedding Spotlight : A Delightful Day Event Planning

We couldn’t help, but (swoon) and share this wedding done by our very own preferred event planning company, A Delightful Day…and my-oh-my does this wedding day look very delightful! We would love to hear your feedback on this wedding, so leave us a comment letting us know what you think!

DIY Nashville Wedding with Aussie Flair: Jenna + Jared

This Green Wedding Shoes featured wedding was such an honor to help create! Jenna and Jared wanted to steer away from trends and really focus  how they could express their personalities in a unique way. Since the groom was Austrailan, they went for an Aussie flare and the bride, being a stylist, designed her own breathtaking dress. It was so fun to watch them take parts of everything that they love and incorporate it into an absolutely stunning day!













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9 Tips for Including Your Dog In Your Engagement Shoot


Whether you got your dog when you first moved in together or your pup was there when your partner popped the question, it’s not surprising that many couples look to include their pets in the wedding festivities. While having your dog serve as the ring bearer or flower girl may seem stressful to you (not to mention forbidden at your venue), there’s nothing more adorable than having your pooch pop up in your engagement photos. Here, nine tips on including your beloved companion in your engagement session.

1. Notify your photographer.

Don’t go into your engagement session without letting your photographer know about a pet appearance. It’ll help your pro prep for the shoot (as well as plan for any unexpected incidents!) and get them thinking about creative ways to include your pup. It’s also common courtesy to inform them and any additional shooters in case they suffer from pet allergies or are uncomfortable around dogs.

2. Confirm that pets are allowed at your shoot location.

While most public parks will allow pets, you might have trouble including your pup at a shoot at the botanical gardens or on the manicured lawn of a historic estate, as well as at any indoor facility. Always call ahead of time to confirm that your four-legged ones are welcome.

3. Make sure the location will be comfortable.

While a summer shoot in the city may seem like the perfect weather to showcase your little white dress, hot pavement streets might prove uncomfortable for you pet’s naked paws after some time. Similarly, a winter wonderland shoot in the snow could prove less than scenic for dogs unaccustomed to the cold, and even painful for those sensitive to the salt sprinkled on icy streets.

4. Dress the part…

As cute as your pooches are au naturel, there’s nothing wrong with having them dress the part in a puppy tux, bow tie or a fun fall sweater. Having a flower-filled fête or a garden-themed wedding? Give guests a glimpse of the nuptials by adorning your pet with a flower garland or a leaf wreath.


5. …but don’t overdo it.

Playing doggy dress up? Keep pup-ccessories to a minimum with simple bow ties and collars in lieu of onesies. If you do go for a full tux look, make sure that the clothes don’t create any discomfort for your canine. If you go with collars or floral wreaths, make sure that they don’t pose a chocking hazard or are toxic to your pet. (Your florist could help you source a safe option if you do want to use real blooms).

6. Bring treats.

This is crucial, particularly when you’ll need your pet to sit still or lay down to pose for a photo. Give them treats to incentivize good behavior or when they’re looking like they need a pick-me-up. You think you’re the only one who’s exhausted by all this picture taking?

7. Avoid long sessions.

Limit pet participation to a short segment—especially if you have a young or a particularly energetic pet. After some time, they’re bound to lose interest and stop behaving altogether, giving you less of a chance for a good shot.

8. Enlist help.

Unless you’re shooting the engagement session at or close to home, hire a pet sitter or enlist help of a friend to watch your dog or take them home when they’re done with their shot. This way, you won’t have to worry about them getting restless, feeding them or giving them water, and you can focus all your attention on getting the perfect photos of just the two of you.

9. Be realistic and have fun.

Don’t get stressed out if the unexpected happens and your pet starts misbehaving or refuses to sit still and look at the camera. Allow your pet to get used to the new environment and play and interact with them like you do at home to get them comfortable. If your dog refuses to participate, even for a short period of time, don’t let it ruin the entire shoot. Scratch the pet portion, have your dog watcher whisk the pup away and enjoy the solo session with your partner.


Want to get inspiration for your engagement shoot? Check out these 22 engagement photos with dogs.

Vendor Spotlight – LMA Design : Who is Lauren?

LMA Design is a small floral design company with a huge heart and big vision for expressing your love and feelings through the design of flowers. If you are still looking for the perfect florist for your wedding, LMA might be right for you!

Lauren Marie Atkinson, (hence LMA) is not only the owner of LMA design, but also the matermind of the company!

But the question still remains…who is she…?

“A northern girl relocated to the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, I am committed to providing stunning flowers in every shape and size for each of life’s special occasions. Every couple has a unique story with unique elements that describe them. Flowers and details can help enhance any environment to express your story. I strive to build relationships with each client to learn more than just the basics of their lives so that we can turn a detail into a design.

I have been obsessed with flowers for as long as I can remember. With over 12 years of floral knowledge and 6 years in the floral event design industry, I have been able to combine my passion with my career and have met hundreds of incredible couples near and far.
I want to make a difference and I am convinced that flowers can help.”


We love LMA designs, and think you will too! Check out their website or give us a call for more info!


Dress of the Week: Modern Trousseau

This week we chose a dress from Modern Trousseau that isn’t one you would wear at your ceremony. Instead, this is one you could wear at your rehearsal, bridal shower, reception, or even honey moon! This is “Tiffani” by Modern Trousseau and we are obsessed! What do you think of it?