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October 2015 Archive

A Delightful Day Event Planning : Blush and Gold Wedding

If you are searching for a wonderfully talented event planning company, look no further! This wedding was executed by our very own, A Delightful Day Event Planning Company! We could not be more thrilled! Especially considering that this is their second feature this Month! This time A Delightful Day was featured in Southern Weddings!

We not only had one of our vendors there, but try three! This is what you call a StudioWed wedding! ;) The florist for this splendid wedding was the extremely talented Brocade Designs and their gorgeous cake was created by Wolfe Gourmet Cakes!

Every detail about this wedding, held at Belle Meade Plantation, is exquisite! Here are some of our favorite photographs from this wedding! Leave us a comment and tell us what you love about this one!















What Wedding Tasks should the Groom Handle?

Check out this helpful blog from Nashville PWG!

wedding tasks for the groom

Traditionally, most wedding planning is handled by the bride, but there are a number of tasks that often fall to the groom to handle. In same-sex weddings, these tasks might be handled by the partner who doesn’t have the time, skill, or interest in handling the bulk of the planning. If you fit one of these roles, these are some of the tasks that might fall on you:

-Rings. While many ladies like to have input into the style of their engagement and wedding rings, it’s traditionally the groom’s responsibility to purchase them. For same-sex weddings, the couple often purchases rings for each other.
-Assisting with the guest list. One of your first tasks after getting engaged is to sit down with your future spouse and craft a guest list, narrowing it down as much as possible to help extend your budget per person.
-Discussing the budget with your family. Nowadays, many couples pay for their weddings themselves, but each of you should speak with your families to see if they’d like to contribute any funds, and if there are any conditions (such as specific guests you have to invite) that come along with that money.
-Selection of your wedding attendants. You and your future spouse need to discuss the size of your wedding party, and you then need to decide who you want to stand up with you.
-Choosing your attire. Your future spouse will probably want some input on this item, too, but the final selection and arrangements should be done by you.
-Buying gifts. You’re responsible for purchasing gifts for your wedding attendants and (if you desire) for your future spouse.
-Helping to plan the honeymoon. This is another task that many couples now do together, but it was traditionally handled by the groom. Don’t forget to plan for things like exchanging currency and getting current passports as needed, and you might want to contact your hotel for a special welcome gift to surprise your new spouse.
-Teaming up on song selection. Choosing songs for your reception entrance, your first dance, your dance with your mother, etc. will need your input.
-Acquiring the marriage license. Look into the marriage license requirements wherever you’re getting married and help take care of paying the fee and processing the application, then getting it to the officiant before the wedding.
-Rehearsal dinner planning. This is another traditional part of the wedding handled by the groom and paid for by his family, but that has changed over the years. Grooms should at least offer to handle the rehearsal dinner planning.
-Prepping day-of wedding fees for distribution. Prepare separate envelopes with checks or cash labeled with each vendor’s name so your best man can distribute final payments and gratuities on the big day.
-Writing a thank-you toast. It’s considered proper etiquette for the couple to give a toast at the reception thanking their families, their wedding party, and their guests for everything they did to make their day special.

These are the traditional wedding planning tasks for the groom, but the key is to make yourself available to help where it’s needed. If you have any thoughts on this or other wedding topics, please feel free to leave a comment!

Photo of the Week : Amy Lynn Larwig

This week’s photo of the week is a little bit different then what we would normally post. Instead of this blog featuring one of our wonderful Nashville based photographer vendors, we have decided to feature our fabulous Nashville based make-up artist, Amy Lynn Larwig! We think this bride looks absolutely stunning and we just had to share it with you! If you are still on the hunt for an amazing MUA for your wedding, look no further! Amy Lynn Larwig has got you covered! Check out more of her phenomenal work here!



He proposed! Now what?



Let me first start off by saying, congratulations! The moment you have been anxiously anticipating is here! The man of your dreams proposed and you are on cloud nine! This is such an exciting time in your life. It can also be a very confusing and frustrating time. You have the ring, you have your beau, but now what? Let us help you with a step-by-step, play-by-play!

  1. By now, I’m positive you have told everyone. Family and best friends should know first. Now it’s time to take it to social media. Post a picture of the proposal with an adorable caption that will have everyone swooning! It’s your time to shine, don’t be shy!
  2. Get your ring insured! Yes, this is so important. If a diamond falls out, it drops down the garbage disposal, gets lost, ETC. you will be ever so glad that your precious stone is insured.
  3. Stop by your favorite salon and get a manicure! Everyone’s eyes will be on your hand, so grab your best friend or fiance, splurge on a professional manicure, and start flaunting!
  4. Set up an Engagement shoot! These are super fun and you will completely regret not taking these photos. You can use these pictures to send out as your Save the Date invitations, at your wedding, or to send out with your formal invitation. Tip- make sure you and yours are wearing something with a pop of color, it definitely helps the pictures to stand out!
  5. Pull out your calender! Start thinking of important dates such as, your wedding date, when to send out invites, when to have your bachelor and bachelorette parties, and much more! Set aside your own agenda dedicated to your wedding. This will help you remember vendor meetings, tours, fittings and much more! It is crucial to stay organized as a bride-to-be! Tip- having an agenda set aside for your wedding will also be a great keepsake to have and look back on!
  6. Call StudioWed! We help you find the perfect vendors and venues that will fit your style, personality, availability, and budget! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!
  7. Hire a wedding planner! Yes!! You do need a wedding planner on your special day. This person will make sure your wedding is executed perfectly. Everything will be in tip top shape and everyone will be on their ques.
  8. Enjoy this time! Don’t let your engagement pass you by too quickly. Capture these moments. Start dreaming and planning out your ideal wedding (now you have an excuse to spend all of your time on Pinterest :) ) Make sure you’re making your special someone feel included in the planning process. Schedule dates and fun outings that will continue to bring you two close together. Share ideas and thoughts of your special day with one another!