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September 2017 Archive

Why Save the Date? Emily O. Homes

We absolutely love this blog post from our very own ‘custom paper lovlies’ vendor, Emily O. Holmes! Not only does she express how uniquely important ‘Save the Dates’ are, but she also included a picture of some of her very own Save The Date pre-invitations! They are beyond lovely! After reading her post and taking a glimpse of her Save The Date creations, you will definitely want to see more! Check out Nashville’s own, Emily O. Holmes!

Why Save the Date?

August 12th, 2015

After the ring is on your finger, you have had a few months of planning, and the guest list is slowly climbing, it is time to help inform your world that they need to save that date! Save-the-dates are very important and make your guests feel like VIPs because they know they have been chosen to attend your wedding.


Your guests might want a nice heads up about the wedding in order to help secure their travel plans, arrange their busy schedules, or ask for days off work. However, these pre-invitations are also a first glance into your wedding, you as a couple, and how you will treat your guests on your big day. A “Save the Date” should reflect the couple as well as provide the crucial information to attend the event.



This pre-invitation should go out about 6 to 9 months prior to the event, giving your guests an adequate amount of time to secure any plans on their end.

With many different selections of Save-the-Dates, EOH works diligently to provide a glimpse into your wedding and style, while also gracefully presenting all necessary information. As you keep planning your wedding, piecing together details, and securing vendors, you can rest assured knowing your guests will be in attendance for this special day.

Vendor Spotlight : Fete Nashville

Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to share with you this week’s vendor spotlight, which focuses on one of our lovely planners, Sara, founder of Fete Nashville!


About Fete Nashville: 
Get to know Sara: 
1. What is your favorite vacation spot? — the beach! any beach. Belize is on my bucket list.
2. Favorite Nashville hangout? —  I just went to the rooftop bar at The George Jones Museum – that is definitely my new favorite hangout. It’s amazing!
3. What is your favorite sport? — I am at the hockey rink with my 7 year old all.year.long. I have learned to love hockey. #hockeymom
4. What makes you stand out? — We only accept 8 weddings a year, and we take a lot of time getting to know our clients, so each wedding is personalized in every aspect. We never repeat the same design twice; everything is truly custom!
5. What does your typical day look like? —  Some days I’m working on this computer from sunrise to sunset. And some days we are running around with clients going to cake tastings, picking out linen, china, chandeliers, designing invitations or working with our vendors designing custom furniture. I prefer the latter.
What Fete Nashville Offers: 
  • Founded by Sara Fried in 2009, Fête Nashville is a multi award-winning luxury wedding planning + events company known for delivering sophisticated, elegant and personalized events. Our weddings are published in wedding magazines and blogs, locally and nationally.
  • Notable accolades include Winner of The Knot’s ‘Best of’ Wedding Planner award in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016. In 2015, Fête Nashville was inducted into the The Knot’s Wedding Planners Hall of Fame; the only planner from Tennessee to be included in this prestigious circle.
  • Fête Nashville was featured in Brides UK magazine for their Favorite 50 Wedding Planners in the World.
  • Our roster of clientele include sports and entertainment celebrities including the NFL, a Major League Baseball player, a Dancing With The Stars Winner, an American Idol winner, a NY Times Best Selling Author, a gold medal Olympian, musicians, singer-songwriters, music industry executives, CMT executives, a beauty queen, reality TV stars, the CIA, and international royalty.
  • We’ve been fortunate to work with Rascal Flatts, Montgomery Gentry, Lonestar and planned weddings for the managers of Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Zac Brown Band, and Big & Rich.
  • Sara is a frequent contributor to BRIDES magazine.
What Others Are Saying:  

“HI BEST WEDDING PLANNER IN THE WORLD!!!!! You truly made my fairytale wedding come true! I don’t think our wedding day could have been ANY more perfect and any more US. From how it ran to the details, you thought of for Andrew and I. You blew us away and we couldn’t have been happier!!! You’re superhuman! You’re amazing Sara. So grateful I got to work with you.”  ~Shawn Johnson

Tips for Re-Setting an Heirloom Ring!


Heirloom stones passed down through the family are perhaps the most meaningful for an engagement ring, linking you to the generations of giddy brides-to-be who preceded you. That said, what if you like the stone but hate the setting? Perhaps it doesn’t reflect your personality, is completely impractical for your lifestyle, or is just plain hideous. Tread carefully: Before you reset, consider the following to keep the stone—and the spirit in which it was given to you—intact for the next generation.

Resetting Etiquette

Being offered an heirloom stone can be tricky territory. On one hand, it’s a sign of family acceptance and trust, plus it saves your future fiance a lot of money! On the other hand, perhaps you’ve had a vision of your dream engagement ring since grade school, and it looked nothing like what’s been offered. Two options: Accept it graciously and scrap those childhood fantasies, or reset the stone to make it your own.

Tread Carefully

Before you head down to the jewelry store, consider this cautionary tale: When Julie, a magazine editor, discovered that her fiance was proposing with his mom’s engagement ring, she was thrilled—about the stone. “It was a beautiful diamond in an ugly yellow-gold, dainty, high prong-set setting. It looked like an old lady’s ring, and I’ve always hated yellow gold, so my fiancé and I made immediate plans to reset the stone in something more me,” Julie says. They chose a substantial platinum setting with two trilliant-shaped stones flanking the now low prong-set family diamond. Everyone thought it was beautiful, except Julie’s future mother-in-law. “We didn’t think to tell her our plans because we assumed that the stone was the important part, not the ring, but she felt that our rejection of the setting was at best rude, and at worst a rejection of her.”

A Little Finesse

The moral of this story: If you and your fiancé plan on resetting the stone, discuss your intentions with the person who gave it to you. This shows respect, and a genuine interest in his or her blessing. Make it clear how honored and thankful you are, but [insert one of following]:

  • You’re worried about wearing it every day in its current setting (you’re an elementary school gym teacher, avid rock climber, potter, or chef, to name a few hands-on careers and hobbies).
  • The setting needs repair but the expertise involved would be prohibitively expensive.
  • You’d like to add your own personal touch—baguettes from your mom’s engagement ring, for example.
  • It doesn’t flatter your hand—it’s visually too big or small for your finger.
  • It won’t work with the wedding bands you’ve chosen.

If the ring has gone unchanged for generations, you may have to suck it up—and wear it only when you’re with members of the family from which it came!

Safety First

You’ve had a heart-to-heart, you’ve gotten the green light and you’re ready to reset. The first step is to get the stone appraised for insurance and identification purposes, but also so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with—the older the stone, the greater the chance that it has been chipped or cracked along the way (even if you don’t see visible flaws). When you have a complete description of its properties and stability, you can choose an appropriate setting. For example, if the stone’s girdle (perimeter) is chipped, you may want to choose a bezel setting over prongs to conceal the imperfection and protect it from further damage. Work with a jeweler whom you absolutely trust (and who ideally has experience working with antique or estate jewelry) to be sure you’re truly getting the ring of your dreams.

Vendor Spotlight : Wolfe Gourmet Cakes

Hello everyone and happy September! It’s officially fall and we are thrilled! Although it doesn’t feel like it, just yet, we know it will in no time! My favorite part – pumpkin spice everything is back!!

This week’s vendor spotlight is on Nicole Wolfe, owner and founder of Wolfe Gourmet Cakes. She has been with StudioWed since nearly the beginning and we just love her…and her cakes are AMAZING! Read below to get to know more about her and her work!


About Wolfe Gourmet Cakes : 

Nicole Wolfe was born and raised in the greater New Orleans area, growing up around some of the most delicious and diverse cuisine in the world. While attending college at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, her love of baking and cooking grew as she worked towards her degree in Hospitality Management. After graduating, she realized her passion was not in management, but in actual hands-on production and development of gourmet cuisine. The foundation was laid for her pastry career at Flour Power in Chalmette, LA under the tutelage of Doyle Deforrest. In 2004, she accepted a career opportunity in Nashville, TN. Since then, Wolfe has worked as a pastry chef in several of Nashville’s most prestigious restaurants and catering venues including: Watermark, The Red Pony, The Bake Shoppe, and The Turnip Truck Gulch location.




Wolfe’s long-time goal has been to own her own cake and dessert business, and in 2011, she opened Wolfe Gourmet Cakes. She was  delighted to have the opportunity to team up with Chef Jason McConnell again, and kick start her business off at McConnell House. Wolfe Gourmet Cakes is now located in Sylvan Park at 4611 Alabama Ave., Nashville, TN 37209. By appointment only.

Get to Know Nicole Wolfe : 

1. My favorite vacation spot is anywhere off the grid and away from my kitchen!

2. When I’m not going at full steam, I like going to dinner. Josephine, Lockeland Table, and Little Octopus are favorites. I’m an Eastside girl, so 3 Crow, Red Door, and Fran’s if I can stay up late enough.

3.I love going to Saints games, but I’d be lying if I said I was a die hard fan. I just can’t plan my life around sporting events, but I’m always up for games whether they are of the board or drinking variety.

4. I would like to think my work ethic and attention to detail make me send out. I am very committed to using high quality ingredients and making everything from scratch. You will not find any Betty Crocker BS up in my kitchen.

5. My ideal day starts at about 5am. I answer emails, go over orders, place orders for supplies I may need. If I am really busy, I get to the kitchen early and stay until 5 or 6. I do everything from dishes to consultations, but I have been letting go of some things and focusing more on the actual growth of my business.



Wolfe Gourmet Cakes offers :

Wedding cakes, custom cakes, king cakes, breakfast pastries, petite pastries(tarts, macarons, eclairs, profiteroles, etc.), pies, plated deserts

What Others are Saying : 

I don’t know what others are saying, but it better be good!


Get in Touch : 

Nicole Wolfe, Owner