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June 2017 Archive

Vendor Spotlight : MUA Amy Lynn Larwig + Associates

About Amy Lynn Larwig, MUA:

Amy Lynn Larwig began pursuit of her dream at the age of 16, doing special events and parties on the VA Coast. After countless faces, shoots, and studying abroad Amy Lynn’s artistry style has emerged and flourished. She humbly accredits this to a philosophy that a bride’s look must be customized to fit her; ensuring that she not only looks, but feels like the best version of herself.


Get to know Amy Lynn:

1. What is your favorite vacation spot? —  Navarre, FL. Quiet little white sand beach I’ve been going to since I was a tiny kid and it hasn’t changed AT ALL.

2. Favorite Nashville hangout? — I’m in 12S a lot. Take my son to Sevier Park, grab a Popsicle, hit one of the restaurants/bars.

3. What is your favorite sport? — Sport? I don’t know if this counts but, I love being on the water. Paddleboarding or Kayaking. I also love hiking. Organized sports, not so much.

4. What makes you stand out? —As a human being? I’m a hot mess most of the time. I’m pretty far removed from anything girly with the exception of my job and my love of glitter. I make things out of wood, mostly art/home decor and some furniture. I try to use what I’ve learned from being around so many women for so long to challenge ideas of femininity.

As far as a wedding vendor goes, the thing that makes me/us stand out is our ability to bring a calming energy into a room. We do great hair and makeup, sure. But we set the tone for the rest of that bride’s day.

5. What does your ideal day look like? —  My ideal day is being outside in the sunshine, drinking beer, and being around people. If those 3 elements are in place, its a good day.


What Amy Lynn Larwig + Associates Offers:

Hair and makeup services for all events as well as corporate/commercial/music shoots and videos

What Others Are Saying:

Would not have changed a thing about my wedding day experience…Amy showed up and worked her magic. She was even able to accommodate a slight change to my updo from my run-through and it was GORGEOUS…I felt like a princess for my big day! My wedding party was also beautiful. Thanks to Amy and her assistant for making us beautiful! – Laura




Contact info: or 615-210-2861

Good Omen for your Wedding Day!


You’re already lucky in love, but are you destined to have good wedding day luck? Well, it’s time to find out! We’re not big believers in superstitions by any means, and we know you’ll be blessed on your big day regardless of whether or not you do these things. Just for fun though, we decided to dig up four ways you can theoretically “increase” your wedding day luck.

1. Set off fireworks after the ceremony
According to many wedding planners, lighting fireworks after your ceremony is over is supposed to ward off evil spirits. It’s actually common practice at Chinese weddings, where they believe the loud noise of the firecrackers will scare the spirits away. While a full-on firework show may be a tough one to swing depending on your budget and where you live, it would definitely make for the most epic cocktail hour ever, that is, if it’s dark enough out yet.

2. Wear a veil
Speaking of evil spirits, another tried and true way to keep those wicked suckers away on your wedding day is to rock your veil on your walk down the aisle, says Corn. This superstition dates all the way back to the Ancient Romans. Back then brides wore flame-colored veils that completely covered their face as a way to protect themselves from the spirits. Hmm, wonder if it works on crazy family members too?

3. Add some lavender to your bouquet
Not only does it smell great, but Corn tell us that adding a little lavender, as a symbol of happiness, to your wedding bouquet will bring good fortune to your union. Brides, you can thank the luck of the Irish for this tradition.

4. Put a silver sixpence in your shoe
We’re all familiar with the good luck charms, “something old, something borrowed, something blue”. But did you know that after that the saying goes, “And a silver sixpence in her shoe”? Stick one in your left heel or flat on your big day, and you’ll be blessed beyond measure (or so we’d like to think!). For extra luck and prosperity, sprinkle a dash of salt in your right shoe!

Photo by : Justin Wright Photography

Modern Trousseau Spring 2018 Collection


We are absolutely swooning over the Spring 2018 collection from Modern Trousseau. Every gown from Modern Trousseau is custom and hand made to your appeal. Check out some of our favorites below and make sure to contact Madison and Allie at the Nashville location to set up your appointment!

To see the full Spring 2018 collection click here 

Vendor Spotlight : Kristyn Hogan Photography


Vendor Spotlight : Kristyn Hogan Photography 



About Kristyn Hogan Photography: 

When I was ten years old, I picked up a camera, dressed my three year old little brother in a suit, wrapped a white blanket around the neighbor girl and took them into the backyard to take their “wedding photos.” Eight years later, I shot my first wedding with a real bride & groom and fell completely in love. I fell in love with capturing life, with finding a moment and holding onto it forever. It’s been eleven years since that first wedding and I’m still falling in love with these moments that tell a story. And having my husband by my side for every one of them makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

A few things I love besides the look on a groom’s face as he watches his bride walk down the aisle. Jesus. Making my husband laugh. Football. Switzerland. Board games. And closing my eyes & breathing in fresh air.

Please enjoy the moments & stories you find here. I’d love to hear your story.

Get to know Kristyn Hogan:

  1. What is your favorite vacation spot? — Wengen, Switzerland! It’s an amazing spot amidst the Alps that you can only reach by train. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, hundreds of waterfalls and meandering cows with no cars allowed…It really is the most beautiful place on earth.
  1. Favorite Nashville hangout? — Matt & I recently built our home on 11 acres of beautiful countryside outside of Nashville, so right now I have to say that’s our favorite hangout spot!
  1. What is your favorite sport? — We enjoy sailing together, it’s surprisingly quite a work-out!
  1. What makes you stand out? — Matt has the best laugh in the world, ask anyone who knows him and they’ll agree :)
  1. What does your ideal day look like? — Spending time in my garden, going for a hike, relaxing with a glass of wine, playing a strategy game with friends and laughing with my husband.

What Kristyn Hogan Photography Offers: Spirited, Fresh, Timeless wedding photography


What Others Are Saying: “Your husband has the best laugh in the world. And you take pretty great photos too.”


Contact info: On the web: / On Instagram: @kristynhogan /