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Good Omen for your Wedding Day!


You’re already lucky in love, but are you destined to have good wedding day luck? Well, it’s time to find out! We’re not big believers in superstitions by any means, and we know you’ll be blessed on your big day regardless of whether or not you do these things. Just for fun though, we decided to dig up four ways you can theoretically “increase” your wedding day luck.

1. Set off fireworks after the ceremony
According to many wedding planners, lighting fireworks after your ceremony is over is supposed to ward off evil spirits. It’s actually common practice at Chinese weddings, where they believe the loud noise of the firecrackers will scare the spirits away. While a full-on firework show may be a tough one to swing depending on your budget and where you live, it would definitely make for the most epic cocktail hour ever, that is, if it’s dark enough out yet.

2. Wear a veil
Speaking of evil spirits, another tried and true way to keep those wicked suckers away on your wedding day is to rock your veil on your walk down the aisle, says Corn. This superstition dates all the way back to the Ancient Romans. Back then brides wore flame-colored veils that completely covered their face as a way to protect themselves from the spirits. Hmm, wonder if it works on crazy family members too?

3. Add some lavender to your bouquet
Not only does it smell great, but Corn tell us that adding a little lavender, as a symbol of happiness, to your wedding bouquet will bring good fortune to your union. Brides, you can thank the luck of the Irish for this tradition.

4. Put a silver sixpence in your shoe
We’re all familiar with the good luck charms, “something old, something borrowed, something blue”. But did you know that after that the saying goes, “And a silver sixpence in her shoe”? Stick one in your left heel or flat on your big day, and you’ll be blessed beyond measure (or so we’d like to think!). For extra luck and prosperity, sprinkle a dash of salt in your right shoe!

Photo by : Justin Wright Photography

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