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February 2014 Archive

StudioWed Nashville Meet the Interns | Carli

Name: Carli Stump
Role: Event Coordinator/Sorority Relations
School: Lipscomb University
Major: Corporate Management
Hometown: Hudson, OH
Hobbies: Running, Jet skiing, cooking

What made you interested in this internship?
Weddings are something that I have been interested in my whole life! Not only that, but I have always wanted to be an event planner. From high school to college, I have always been the one to plan everything from my senior prom to sorority events, or even just going out to eat with my friends on a Friday night. StudioWed came to my attention out of nowhere, and I’m so glad because it was the perfect timing and the perfect fit!

What do you like most about working at StudioWed Nashville?
Working at StudioWed as an intern has already taught me so much. I enjoy coming in every day and working with our lovely manager, Porsche, and the other interns. Being the Event Coordinator can get pretty hectic, but it is so interesting and always fun! This position is preparing me for my future goals more than I ever thought it would. As interns, I can see all of our performances and friendships continually growing!

StudioWed Nashville Photo Friday

Happy Photo Friday! This week, we were yet again inspired by a popular trend in bridal wear. We are absolutely in love with these gorgeous short wedding dresses from Nashville wedding gown designer Modern Trousseau! This contemporary approach to the traditional wedding gown opens up so many new options. Short gowns are fun, great for dancing, and an exciting twist for the less traditional bride. Contact us today to set up an appointment with Modern Trousseau!

photo copy

Photo Source: Modern Trousseau

Pinterest for Wedding Planning

Every girl has one: a wedding Pinterest board, a place where you can gather ideas for the day you say I do to the man of your dreams. Pinterest Wedding Boards help feed into the idea that girls dream about their wedding day throughout their entire life. I know my board is full of wedding dresses with lace sleeves, sunflower bouquets, and beautiful fall decorations. I joke and say pinterest has given me the ability to plan a wedding in just a few hours.

However, some people claim that Pinterest is not giving people the day of their dreams, but instead gives them the reincarnation of another couples’ reality. Some people say that by using ideas from other people’s weddings, you are robbing yourself of the chance for you and your future husband to make your own memories.

While some think Pinterest is taking the originality out of the wedding business, I personally disagree. We have all seen it on our Facebook feeds: brides asking their friends to be part of their bridal party using a ring pop. Is it over used?  Yes. But is it robbing them of memories? No. The memory is not giving your life long best friend a ring pop. The memory is the look on her face when she realizes that you want her to be a huge part of your special day. I personally hope my friends use this method, and I hope the ring pop is green apple flavored!


Photo source: Pinterest


Photo Source: Pinterest

Check out our StudioWed Nashville Pinterest for wedding planning ideas and inspiration!

StudioWed Nashville Vendor Spotlight | Photographers

Picture this. You have a fairytale wedding. The ceremony is performed flawlessly. The kiss is breathtaking. The guests are dancing at the reception all night long, but when you go to look at your pictures something is missing. The kiss is from the wrong angle. They missed the groom’s face as he first sees you walking down the aisle. The wedding was perfect, but the pictures are not.
Wedding photography is a big decision. Of course you will always cherish those moments, but having the pictures to remember them by makes your special day that much more memorable. Here at StudioWed Nashville, we made a video to showcase some of the wedding and engagement pictures taken by our amazing photography vendors!