Name: Carli Stump
Role: Event Coordinator/Sorority Relations
School: Lipscomb University
Major: Corporate Management
Hometown: Hudson, OH
Hobbies: Running, Jet skiing, cooking

What made you interested in this internship?
Weddings are something that I have been interested in my whole life! Not only that, but I have always wanted to be an event planner. From high school to college, I have always been the one to plan everything from my senior prom to sorority events, or even just going out to eat with my friends on a Friday night. StudioWed came to my attention out of nowhere, and I’m so glad because it was the perfect timing and the perfect fit!

What do you like most about working at StudioWed Nashville?
Working at StudioWed as an intern has already taught me so much. I enjoy coming in every day and working with our lovely manager, Porsche, and the other interns. Being the Event Coordinator can get pretty hectic, but it is so interesting and always fun! This position is preparing me for my future goals more than I ever thought it would. As interns, I can see all of our performances and friendships continually growing!