Name: Macy Pigman
Role: Vendor Relations
School: Vanderbilt University
Major: Human and Organizational Development, Spanish
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Hobbies: concerts, sailing, hiking, Young Life

What made you interested in this internship?
I could tell from the moment I stepped into StudioWed Nashville that it was a fun atmosphere with fun people! I loved all of the people I met, from our Studio Manager, Porsche, to the other interns already working there. I also think the wedding industry is such an exciting field to work in! There’s always something new to learn and do, and I’m never bored.

What do you like most about working at StudioWed Nashville?
Something unique about the StudioWed internship program is how encouraged we are to network, and how many networking opportunities we are given. As a senior about to start looking for a full time job, this is especially useful for me. StudioWed is a very unique concept and thus a very unique experience. The internship itself is as exciting as the field that first got me interested in applying!

Fun Fact: I have met every President of the United States that has held office since I have been born.