Every girl has one: a wedding Pinterest board, a place where you can gather ideas for the day you say I do to the man of your dreams. Pinterest Wedding Boards help feed into the idea that girls dream about their wedding day throughout their entire life. I know my board is full of wedding dresses with lace sleeves, sunflower bouquets, and beautiful fall decorations. I joke and say pinterest has given me the ability to plan a wedding in just a few hours.

However, some people claim that Pinterest is not giving people the day of their dreams, but instead gives them the reincarnation of another couples’ reality. Some people say that by using ideas from other people’s weddings, you are robbing yourself of the chance for you and your future husband to make your own memories.

While some think Pinterest is taking the originality out of the wedding business, I personally disagree. We have all seen it on our Facebook feeds: brides asking their friends to be part of their bridal party using a ring pop. Is it over used?  Yes. But is it robbing them of memories? No. The memory is not giving your life long best friend a ring pop. The memory is the look on her face when she realizes that you want her to be a huge part of your special day. I personally hope my friends use this method, and I hope the ring pop is green apple flavored!


Photo source: Pinterest


Photo Source: Pinterest

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