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March 2013 Archive

StudioWed Nashville March Giveaway

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StudioWed Nashville Photo of the Week | Joe Hendricks Photography

We love this picture from Joe Hendricks Photography! Happy Friday!!

I just got home from a wedding and I wanted to post one shot, because lately I’ve been looking at sites like “Fearless Photographers” and it’s pushing me to think differently. Today, I knew I wanted the Bride and Groom to lay on the ground and shoot them from above, but I was also going to have the entire wedding party lay down also. At the last second, I switched it… and this is what it looked like. – Joe Hendricks

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Studiowed Nashville Vendor Spotlight: Nashville Event Lighting
This February, we were so gracious to welcome Nashville Event Lighting to our collection of StudioWed exclusive vendors.  We asked Liz Bok from NEL to elaborate on the importance of lighting at weddings and how it fits into the grand scheme of your big day. She also provided some fantastic ideas and tips on current trends and ways to make your lighting both functional and ambient! Get your questions answered on this week’s….
Why is lighting so important at weddings?

Lighting makes a huge and subtle impact and weddings – seems like an oxymoron, I know – but it’s true!  Whether it’s a pin spot to highlight a fantastic wedding cake, a glamorous chandelier over a dance floor, or ambient uplights around a room, lighting can transform a space with the flip of a switch.  It really is amazing to see before and after photos, and it’s something not everyone appreciates before understanding what it can do!
What types of lighting are most commonly used at weddings?

Some of the most basic lighting elements that provide ambience at weddings are uplights, lighting on the dance floor, and a highlight or pin spot on the cake or dessert table. Whether it’s a rustic venue with brick walls or beautiful draping from floor to ceiling, uplights soften a space and also provide functional lighting around the perimeter.
How should I choose my lighting colors?

It really depends on the look you’re going for, and choosing colors is something we often help clients decide!  You want to stay away from greens and blues onto skin tones, and pale pinks are a nice way to highlight a bar or food station.  Pops of color are fun to incorporate, and if the budget allows, having the lighting in a room change color throughout the night can completely change the ambience.  A soft amber to provide a candle-lit glow for dinner and toasting that fades into a purple or pink for dancing can completely change the vibe!  It all depends on personality & flow – you want lighting to compliment, not compete with the reception.  And – sometimes it’s not about using a ton of color, but about chandelier placement or Italian string lights!
What trends are you seeing right now in weddings?

Chandeliers, specifically custom chandeliers have been very popular lately.  Whether it’s a glamorous crystal chandelier or a more industrial Edison bulb look, brides and grooms love to put their unique twist into their reception and more and more are doing that with custom lighting pieces & configurations.  Keep your eyes peeled for some unique chandelier placement coming from NEL this spring! :)  Italian String Lighting is also popular and fun, especially in different designs than seen last year!
How will lighting affect my photography? Should I be concerned about it interfering?

Professional photographers are fantastic and seem to truly appreciate good lighting. Having your wedding cake highlighted with a pin spot, a soft light wash on the head table, or a custom monogram in lights provides opportunities for them to capture the details of your reception as clearly as you remember it!  We are always mindful of photographers’ shots when planning out a lighting design – like avoiding colored lighting on white wedding gowns or multi-color LED’s flashing around a dance floor in a reception with soft white lighting, draping and candles – again, compliment, not compete!

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Upcoming Events at Modern Trousseau Nashville
One Year Anniversary Sale
March 29 & 30

This March will mark Modern Trousseau’s first year dressing Nashville’s most fashionable women, & they want you to help celebrate.

Meet designer, Callie Tein, for a champagne toast & one-on-one custom design consultation March 29th & 30th at Modern Trousseau’s Nashville bridal boutique.  Callie will be giving event-only discounts on custom gown or accessory orders placed before March 31st, as well as a ready-to-frame, signed sketch of your couture gown.

Appointments requested.  Call 615.733.0155 to RSVP, or visit for more information.
Accessory Trunk Show
April 26 & 27

Join Modern Trousseau Nashville for its annual bridal accessory event & save big with special trunk show discounts. Learn about our custom design services & preview styles from our latest couture runway collection of bridal veils, jackets, sashes, and hair accessories.

Appointments requested. Call 615.733.0155 to RSVP, or visit for more information.

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