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June 2015 Archive

Venue Spotlight :: Cedarwood

Photo by Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

Choosing an indoor ceremony? Cedarwood has you covered! They offer a beautiful indoor ceremony room that seats up to 75 people.

….or maybe an outdoor ceremony is more your style? Not to worry, Cedarwood also offers an absolutely breathtaking terrace and meadow for up to 175 people!

Photo by Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

Photo by Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

There is also an adjoining reception area that includes a covered pavilion, rustic barn, and surrounding barnyard. The interior of the barn is perfect for cocktail hour! Take a look:

Photo by Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

Photo By Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

Photo by Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

Cedarwood also offers a bridal suite, a carriage house, a cottage for the groom and a one acre private parking area.

Photo by Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

Photo by Nashville Wedding Photographer Kristyn Hogan

The perfection of Cedarwood does not stop there.  They also have an entire team of professionals on hand to provide all-inclusive services and deliver personalized designer weddings. They even have their own on-site florist! Cedarwood can take care of everything from chandeliers on the lawn and rowboats in the lake, to golf carts for transportation. For more information on Nashville’s Historic Cedarwood and other StudioWed Nashville wedding vendors and venues, email us at!

Photo of the Week :: Maile Lani Photography

Another one of our wonderful photographer vendors posted this gorgeous snapshot today, and we just had to share it with you! Maile Lani is an AMAZING photographer as well as an awesome person to work with! Be sure to check out more of her work at  

or contact me at to set up your appointment!


Wedding Traditions Series :: Judaism

Wedding ceremonies are always different, obviously. No matter you’re ethnicity or religion, generally you will have some sort of tradition during your wedding. Couples love reaching into their own histories or the customs of other cultures for meaningful rituals.  Trust me, there are more wedding traditions than you could possibly imagine…so, let’s get started!

The word ‘tradition’ according to Webster’s Dictionary is, the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this. We know a tradition as a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.

Jewish Traditions :

Breaking the Glass – Some say this widely known tradition is a reminder that destruction and loss should be remembered even at a joyous moment. Others have a more orthodox view on this tradition. They believe that it symbolizes the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The understood meaning that everyone agrees on is the meaning of the end of solemnity and the beginning of the celebration!

© Josh Wong Photography

The Chuppah –  This is a canopy attached to four poles, and underneath the bride and groom are married. It’s open on all four sides, as a reference to Abraham’s tent and hospitality, repersenting God’s presence. The couple generally use a prayer cloth to for the top of it. Couples also love to display the chuppah at their home after the wedding. This tradition symbolizes the union of families.


Yichud – In ancient times, this was when the bride and groom would consummate the marriage after the ceremony. Now a days, the norm is to eat a meal together which represents a private moment which the couple are able t share both emotional and physical sustenance. The Yichud is a tradition that can benefit a couple of any faith.

Each week a different religion or belief will be featured. Please check back next week to read the continued blog!