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StudioWed Nashville Photo Friday | Pantone Color of the Year

Overwhelmed by the numerous options to choose from when planning your wedding? Color is such an important factor to anyone planning their special day, as they want it to be unforgettable. Radiant Orchid is perfect for everything including flower arrangements, centerpieces, save the dates, styling, and much more. This charming color is the perfect blend of fuchsia, purple, and pink undertones. Still not sold? This color is a perfect representation of great joy, love, and health.


Source: Pantone

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StudioWed Nashville Photo Friday

Happy Photo Friday, everyone! This week, we were inspired by the latest trend of dramatic, open back bridal gowns such as those pictured below. What do y’all think? Love it, or leave it? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo sources (left to right):
Aisle Perfect

StudioWed Nashville Photo of the Week | Joe Hendricks Photography

We love this picture from Joe Hendricks Photography! Happy Friday!!

I just got home from a wedding and I wanted to post one shot, because lately I’ve been looking at sites like “Fearless Photographers” and it’s pushing me to think differently. Today, I knew I wanted the Bride and Groom to lay on the ground and shoot them from above, but I was also going to have the entire wedding party lay down also. At the last second, I switched it… and this is what it looked like. – Joe Hendricks

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Friday Photo of the Week

The perfect picture for a cloudy day, this week’s photo of the week is by Lotus Blossom Photography.  It was just featured in the Lotus Blossom Image of the Year Contest.

And fun fact: February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month.  If you are dog lovers like us, be sure to check out Lotus Blossom’s Puppy Love Mini Sessions coming up on February 23!!

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