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Beloved Intimates Hosts Nashville Wish List, Wine and Whiskey Event

‘Tis the season to start your holiday wish list, brides-to-be!! And what better item to put on the list than some fun lingerie from Beloved Intimates? Or shop at the event to receive a 15% discount on all sales – including everything from beautiful designer lingerie to their more practical garments and functional shapewear for a flawless silhouette under any gown. And the Green Hills Wine Shoppe will be on hand with complimentary whiskey and wine for you to enjoy, so, mark your calendars for November 21st and get ready for a great time!

Southern Events Previews What’s Trending in Nashville Weddings this Fall

The creative event rental experts at Southern Events Nashville always bring southern charm and amazing service to Nashville brides.  Below is their preview of what to expect this Fall in Nashville Weddings!

The Evolution of Vintage: Vintage Opulence

All things retro and vintage have had a serious moment in the party-planning world as of late. But change is coming as this popular trend evolves into the next big thing: Vintage Opulence!

Highlighted by the popular Great Gatsby remake, coupled with mid-century inspired industrialism, metallics are seeping into traditional vintage themed event decor and creating one stylish statement! Vintage Opulence is part romantic, part 70s-chic and loads of glam. Expect to see a lot of gold and silver contrasted by layers of texture and pattern.  Mason Jars will be replaced by Mecury Glass and soft color palettes will find room for a bold accent.  And we can’t wait!  Below are some of our inspiring images curated from around the web highlighting this trend to come.

Metallic Moment: Victorian Gold Luxe Linens

We were delighted to showcase our  Victorian Gold Luxe Linens at the 2013 Heritage Ball. Gold linens certainly create a statement but are much more versatile than you may expect. Pair these with crystal chandeliers and lavish centerpieces for elegant extravagance. Or put them with our  rustic cross-back chairs for a relaxed romantic effect. The possibilities are endless.

These linens will be popular during the holiday season and now is the time to begin thinking about your holiday party’s decor. We offer a wide range of linens to choose from in our  Speciality Line and our staff is happy to help you choose the perfect look for your event.

3 Tips to Keep Metallics Classy and Chic!

Metallics add an instant allure and warmth to any event or home decor.  However, when working with shiny metals, it’s easy to quickly take your metallics from classy to tacky.  Below we share our best tips on incorporating metallics to create a breathtaking result whether you’re hosting at home or away.

1. Make metallics your focal point. A stunning gold coffee table or gilded mirrors create dramatic impact in a room as a focal point without overwhelming the space.  A cake table draped in a gold linen or glittering chandelier over your buffet table will create a similar effect for a special occasion.

2. Mix your metallic details. Throw pillows printed in metallic gold and silver (shown below with other inspiring images curated from the web) are a modern detail to any space, and by mixing two or three different metallics you create unfussy layers and avoid an over-done, matchy-matchy look.  Effortless style is what you are after.

3. Keep it subtle. When in doubt, less is more. Style your home using metallics as an accent such as book covers, a gold lamp or bronzed paper weights.  For your next dinner party, subtle accents on a tablescape such as a metallic placecard holder or gold-rimmed china create a dazzling affect.

Visit the Southern Events blog for more tips and inspiration when it comes to event decor and beyond!

StudioWed Nashville Wedding Tips: 5 Ice Breakers for Reception Guests

As my sister’s newly-appointed maid of honor, I’ve been brainstorming possible solutions for avoiding the awkwardness that comes with strangers and wedding reception seating. Sure, some tables are easy to figure out: family goes with family, and high school and college friends stay together so they can catch up. More likely than not, some people will be scattered without many friends to talk to. Trust me, I’ve been there – going stag to a wedding isn’t the most exciting idea. You want everyone to have a great time, but what are they to do in the time between dinner and the dance floor?

Make sure you have something to help facilitate conversation! Small, optional party games are fantastic for helping guests get to know each other and break the ice without taking up much room on each table. Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with.

1. Conversation Table Topics

This first idea came about when I was actually putting together my sister’s bridal registry (so always be on the lookout for idea inspiration where you wouldn’t expect it!) This conversation card idea is a great way for guests to get to know each other and provide excellent talking points. If you’re crafty, you can always personalize and DIY-it. Or, buy a Paisley Dog Press note card set and use those! Questions like, “What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?” and “What would be your ideal life in 5, 10, and 15 years?” are sure to get some great discussions going.

2. Catchphrase

The party game Catchphrase made a big blip a few years ago, and was received with wide acclaim. It is one of my favorites! Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen out of popularity – so, why not revive it now as a great wedding party game? This is a great option for tables with kids and teenagers who might not be keen on the conversation cards. The game is fast-paced, fun, easy to pass around, and rounds are short- a perfect way to get people to interact around a table and keep the laughs coming.

3. Apples to Apples

Who doesn’t love when someone suggests playing Apples to Apples? With multiple versions, including junior and for kids, it’s an option that will include everyone.

4. Mad Libs

The old road-trip and summer camp standby is still one of the greatest and funniest party games. Each person can take turns around the table. Great for all ages and with tons of hilarious themes and variations ranging from Dance Mania Mad Libs, Adventure Time Mad Libs, Happily Ever After Mad Libs, and tons more. Pick the best for your wedding theme or pick different ones for each table!

5. Would You Rather

Here is another great small card game to have on your tables to spark conversation. Would You Rather is a classic game that, for 6 bucks a stack, is sure to lead to both hilarious and thought-provoking discussions among your wedding guests.

Again, these ideas are also meant to inspire you to come up with some options of your own. If you’re not a huge fan of the boxes these games come in, feel free to put them in something that fits the style of your decorations! There are countless ways to approach this issue, and there is definitely something out there that will seamlessly blend in with the theme and ambiance of the wedding while also helping your guests mingle with ease.

Morgan Gray is a writer with a fetish for stationery and a love for all things poetry. When her sister came to her with the news of her engagement and that she’d like her to be her maid of honor, the happiness and inspiration came instantaneously. She’s writing for us today sharing her personal experiences in the hopes of helping us all fill those wedding shoes.

StudioWed Nashville’s Fall Wedding Picks Featuring Southern Events and Brocade Designs

As we head into our Fall wedding season, take a look at what is trending!

Brides are going simple this season with a more rustic feel to their wedding! Items that are thrifted or worn give a warm and natural feel of southern comfort. Check out these great finds at Southern Events: Nashville Party Rental:

Top Right: Use these vintage doors not only as photo backdrops but door or aisle entries as well! Top Left: Chalkboards are in this season. Use them as decorations, menus, or even photo backdrops! Bottom Left: Brides are using rustic beverage carriers to add a little flare to their wedding. Bottom Right: Use these vintage suitcases as tables or just as decor for this fall season.

Subtle and more natural tones are perfect for a fall wedding.

This is a collection of decor from Brocade Designs featuring our fall colors of burnt orange, brown, yellow, and burgundy.

And what a great way to end our fall post with this beautiful flower bouquet from Brocade Designs!