We are reblogging one of our favorite vendors, honeymoon consultant 2 Travel Anywhere, because we are so excited about this fun event on March 23rd! It’s called “Groom Night”, and is a great opportunity to make sure your groom feels involved with the wedding planning. Check it out below!


Congratulations On Getting Married!

Such a exciting and overwhelming time in your life. Between planning, your wedding, picking your wedding dress, deciding your wedding photographer, reserving your venue, etc. sometimes the groom planning for tuxedo and honeymoon get decided last…

This evening you’re invited to GROOM NIGHT– for the bride and the groom.
This event is to focus on the things the groom is typically responsible for- Tuxedo, Honeymoon Planning and a few other wedding vendors will be at this event..
Be sure to get your FREE TICKETS as we are only giving out a select number of tickets

March 13th, Green Hills at Street Tuxedo

Check out the original blog post here, and get your tickets here!