Talking about the wedding budget can be a bit tense at first, and you may not even know where to begin. We’re going to help you break down the budget so that you can decide what is important and you start to come up with a budget for your wedding, which is so important!

Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the whole wedding…now a days that’s not always practical. Since money is the number one cause of arguments in relationships, there is one solution that will solve all quarreling in this matter. Having HIS and HER budgets! The groom is responsible for his half and The bride is responsible for hers. It’s that easy!

Let’s break it down. The groom should be responsible for the following…

-Accommodations for the groom’s attendants

-Transportation/ lodging for his parents, officiant, and best man

-Rehearsal Dinner, the whole thing

-Officiant’s fee or gratuity

-Marriage License

-Any liqueur severed at the wedding, hotel room, or rehearsal


-Gifts to groomsmen and his attendants

-Gift to the bride, if he chooses to do so

– Brides wedding and engagement rings

-Brides Bouquet, corsages for mother and Boutonnieres for the wedding party


Now the bride should be financially responsible for these…

-Accomodations for the bride’s attendents

-Gifts for her attendees

-Gift for the groom, if she chooses to do so

-Brides Dress and accessories

-Bachorlerette luncheon or party

-Church or venue costs

-Flowers for the ceremony and reception

-Grooms ring

-Invitations, menus, other paper goods



-Reception expense such as rentals

-Transportation for the bridal party

-Transportation and lodging for bride’s family


-Wedding planner

Hopefully this helps! If you both have to put money into the wedding there will be less cause for disagreement. If you’re paying for it, you should make all the decisions regarding what you are paying for. Check in next week for more tips on your wedding budget!