Cosmo Creations was featured on Ashley’s Bride Guide today! Here’s an excerpt from the super-helpful Q&A session:

Top 3 questions you should ask your potential wedding DJ:

1. Do you have liability insurance?

2. Do you have professional equipment and back-up equipment (and a back-up DJ)?

3. Will you be my DJ on the day of my wedding or will I get someone else?

What are brides’ most frequently asked questions when they contact Cosmo Creations?

“Have you ever DJed a wedding before?”

Great question! Some disc jockeys (DJs) specialize in school events, car shows, proms, fraternity formals, etc. Make sure they have several weddings in their mix of events.

“What would you say your style is on the microphone?”

You need to communicate your expectations with your potential DJ. Asking “What style DJ are you?” is a great way to find out if you’re talking to someone that’s going to be over-the-top or laid back. And depending on the type of wedding you are planning, that can make a huge difference.

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