Ashley’s Bride Guide recently featured some sound advice from Crumb de la Crumb on “Easy Ways to Save On Your Nashville Cakes & Desserts!”

From ABG:

“The first thing is to be honest and upfront with your budget. If I know what your budget is, and I know we can’t meet it, I don’t want to waste your time. If a client doesn’t put a budget on our info form, we encourage them to do that so that we can know whether or not we can work with them up front.

If a client still wants to work with us but we can’t do exactly what they originally wanted, there are a couple of options we can offer:

~ We can make a simpler cake with fewer details and embellishments that will bring the cost down a bit.

~ Or, we can make a smaller cake that will feed up to 100 people.

~ If a couple is having more guests than that, they can get our smaller custom cake and then cupcakes or a kitchen cake (a basic sheet cake without design that is pre-cut in the kitchen). That will save about half on the remaining servings.”

If you’d like for us to set you up an appointment to meet with Crumb de la Crumb, email us at or come visit us!