Want to offer something totally unique and personalized at your wedding? Displeased with the selection of less-than-exciting songs to choose from for your bridal party’s entrance? Can’t decide between multiple songs for your first dance? Cosmo Creations has you covered! Now offering custom modified tracks for weddings! See ABG’s coverage below:

What is a custom song or modified track?

Brent of Cosmo Creations: A bride and groom ask us to take a standard song that they like and do something different to it. [Real Bride & Groom] Melissa and Patrick’s song was slow, then we faded the song with a record scratch into an upbeat song.

Why would a couple want one?

Cosmo Creations: To add a signature wow factor. During their first dance, all attention is on the couple and they could be nervous. The first dance then cuts into something more fun. Sometimes couples have something choreographed; it loosens them and the bridal party joins. The hard stop of the song with a record scratch catches people off guard and changes the entire vibe.

Melissa and Patrick were super fun┬ácouple.┬áTheir song and dance was staged with bridal party but guests thought it was unplanned. Sometimes receptions can feel stuffy but this sort of surprise helps this helps people get loose and have fun faster. It’s a great ice breaker. The unexpected twist catches people off guard and generates laughter, changes the mood.

The custom song could also be good for father and daughter dances. The bride and father could start with “My Girl” then scratch to something like “Call Me Maybe”, if the bride’s dad is willing to let go and have fun.

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