Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You will want everyone to be there to share the special moments of that day with you and your loved one. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to have everyone with them on their wedding day. Whether you have lost a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, or even a beloved pet, there is a part of you that just won’t feel the same if they aren’t with you on your special day.



Now a days there are many ways to honor those who could not be there with you at your wedding. While honoring your loved one, you’ll want to make the touch meaningful, yet very subtle, so that it does not distract from the joy of your wedding day.


One way to honor your lost loved one is to wear something of theirs or something that reminds you greatly of them. This will help you to know that they are with you throughout your wedding day. It could even be your something ‘Borrowed’ or something ‘Blue’. Even incorporating their photo or letter from them in your bouquet or handkerchief.


For a more subtle approach, you could add a snip it of in their memory in your wedding program. For example, ‘In loving memory of…’ or a quote of theirs.



One of the more widely thought of ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding is to light a candle in their memory next to¬† their portrait with some of their belongings or with a framed letter so that you’re able to honor them and so is anyone else who sees their memorial at your wedding. If you’ve lost more than one loved one or if your spouse has lost someone as well, it’s a beautiful idea to have a table dedicated to lost loved ones.



Other ways of honoring your lost loved ones include, toasting in their memory, having a moment of silence, reading their favorite poem or a letter from them in your speech, giving out their favorite made recipe as favors and the most touching idea and my favorite, is saving them a seat at your ceremony and reception.




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