Okay, so today’s inspiration title is a little on the long side of things… but I had to do SOMETHING creative whilst dreaming up this swoony honeymoon board. And yes, you can probably guess — but this is totally what I’m thinking for my own honeymoon. Drew and I are so so so excited about our eleven-day excursion in Mexico. I actually have a special countdown timer for our honeymoon flight date {116 days ’til July 23!!!!}, if that tells you anything.

From top left, clockwise:  excellence resort, emerald retro bikini, coral floppy hat, lobster beach towel, breakfast in bed, lilly coverup, black retro swimsuit, honeymoon memorabilia DIY, stunning lingerie, shoe check, seersucker maillot, excellence suite, fuchsia romper, lilly white dress, plumpretty robe, lilly frock, little white robe, cabanas, cobalt bikini.