I can honestly say I’d never had a fresh pear until 2007. Granny would serve me canned pears in cottage cheese as a child (delicious), but it wasn’t until I watched a certain Meg Ryan movie on my senior beach trip after graduating from high school that I had a “real” one. (In the movie, I can’t remember which it was– maybe Touched by an Angel or something like that?, Meg’s character takes a bite out of a juicy pear and describes in detail the taste, texture… I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t have had the exact same response as I did: to immediately go to the nearest supermarket and purchase a fresh pear!)

Since that fateful day, I have enjoyed countless pears throughout my days. I prefer them barely ripe, crisp, firm, sharp to cut (and I always prefer them cut!). I’ve made grilled cheese & pear sandwiches, made pear crepes and galettes, and yes… even cut them up in some cottage cheese. (Although I’ll tell you… something about them canned makes the consistency perfect for that!) I like to go to Trader Joe’s in Green Hills and buy the huge bags of tiny pears and enjoy them as a snack. Oh, heavenly.

I must admit, however, pears get a lot of flack. I don’t know of many women who appreciate being referred to as “pear-shaped,” and pears tend to get overlooked as THE staple autumn fruit (dang you, apples!).

But recently, I’ve come to fall in love with something else pear-shaped (something that doesn’t offend me or my womanly figure in the slightest!):  a diamond. There’s just something “regal” (as coined by my boyfriend, Drew) about a pear-shaped sparkly stone. It’s classic but unexpected. Gorgeous but probably still under-appreciated.

I love it nevertheless. Hence my inspiration for today’s board:  The Perfect Pear!

From top left, clockwise:  frosted fruit, prickly pear cupcake, caramelized pear, pear champagne sorbet, frosted pears, spiced pear cupcake, dessert buffet, pear decor, pear tree invite, pear escort card, pear-shaped diamond with tapered baguettes, pear waldorf salad, pastry wrapped pear, pear mimosa, honeydew and pear sangria, pear-shaped diamond with pave band and halo.

Inspiringly yours,

~ Kelly