I probably couldn’t count the number of times I have heard other wedding-industry folks saying, “I am so over wedding cake.” And I can’t tell you how far from truth that statement is for me! To say I l-o-v-e wedding cake is an understatement. My obsession with wedding cake is ranked just SLIGHTLY below my obsession with wedding dresses, if that tells you anything. Every single occasion I get to try different bakeries, flavors, or even just varieties of plain classic white wedding cake, I seize. {To the chagrin of my efforts to lessen my sugar intake.}

Pictures from The Bake Shoppe:

I could look at beautiful towering tiers of cake, architectural creations, stunning details, and elaborate designs all day long… but what’s TRULY important to me is taste. My parents raised me to be a food {especially dessert} snob, and my standards are not low.  I may try every slice of cake I can get my hands on, but that doesn’t mean I love them all without discernment.

Here are my standards:

1.  Must taste incredible {FLAVOR!}.

2. Must be moist and fluffy, but not sticky or gooey.

3. Must look beautiful. Not necessarily anything elaborate or crazy, just beautiful.

4. Must have options of flavors. I like plain white wedding cake, but I like it with a twist.


6. BUTTER. Not oil, not shortening. Not anything but BUTTER!!!!!

7. This goes with the previous statement, but must have an incredibly good buttercream. I do not do fondant. And even if it’s “good-tasting” fondant, I am a buttercream purist. Give me buttercream or give me death.

Fortunately, I was able to work with our budget and move a couple of numbers around to make it work to have my FIRST CHOICE BAKER…

…Find out who and finish reading this installment on the A Delightful Day Blog! :)

~ Kelly