Now that Drew and I have been engaged for almost four months {OMG how did that happen!?!?!?!} and have done the vast majority of BIG wedding plans {determining budget, allocating money, deciding on a date, securing logistics, hiring vendors, putting down deposits, coming up with tentative details (and then changing them…), tasting food and cake, purchasing dresses and accessories and underthings, Pinning like a madwoman, etc}… I think it’s fair to say we have finally found the MOST enjoyable part of the entire wedding planning process:  THE HONEYMOON.

{Excellence Punta Cana}

Maybe it’s because there’s something extremely appealing about looking at sugar-white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas when it’s 30 degrees outside. Maybe it’s just fun to plan a vacation. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s something equally (if not more) enjoyable to look forward to after the biggest/most important party of your life {that just happens to last 7x as long!!!!!}. Maybe it’s the anticipation of being Mrs. Andrew Franklin Dellinger OFFICIALLY, wearing the Mrs. necklace and TWO diamond rings, holding the hand of my HUSBAND (!!!!!!!!). Maybe it’s just the lure of a pina colada and an impeccable tan. However, I think it’s the conglomeration of ALL THESE THINGS (plus several more I’ll get to in a minute!) that makes me positively GIDDY just dreaming over it all.

{Excellence Playa Mujeres}

Let me say first and foremost, if Drew and I were planning this trip on our own… just the two of us with and a search engine churning out results for “Mexican all-inclusive resorts” or “tropical honeymoon resorts”… this would in NO WAY, FORM OR FASHION, be even remotely as pleasant of an experience. We owe beaucoups of thanks, gratitude, and referrals to every single one of our engaged friends to Carlie Finch of 2 Travel Anywhere for her expertise, time, patience, understanding, collaboration, and research for us. She has been a direct blessing from the Lord to help us navigate through the waters of honeymoon-planning. From reaching out to me to introduce herself after joining the Studio and hearing about my wedding plans to meeting with us in person and following up with us after sending us amazing recommendations that fit our budget, needs, wants, and dreams… she has been a complete joy to work with! I will refer her a zillion times over because she has made the entire process painless, effortless, and immensely enjoyable.

{Excellence Riviera Cancun}

Here’s a little about how the process goes:

In advance of meeting with her, you discuss with your fiance what possible options you’re both thinking about, a price range for your honeymoon budget, and what options you might be interested in {swimming with dolphins? tour the Mayan ruins? horseback riding? spa treatments?}. Then meet in person, look at a few options, get presented with MORE options {and lovely little books chock-full of gorgeous destinations… Drew actually slept with these by his bed for a week after meeting with her the first time. Can we say “obsessed”?}, and start ruling things out.  After she talks with you about possibilities and hears your feedback, she emails you with MORE options and details for you to pick and choose through {tweaking as you go!}. From there, you narrow it down, look at flight and transfer options, room upgrades and honeymoon packages {all the little things}, and ultimately decide on your perfect honeymoon!!!!!

{Secrets Maroma Beach}

Painless, right? Did I mention HER SERVICES ARE FREE?! Oh yes. Her time, researching efforts, meetings, emails… all of that is completely complimentary. It is absolutely too good to be true.

{Secrets Maroma Beach}

So if you’re like Drew and myself, you’ll be daydreaming constantly of beach cabanas with fluffy pillows, champagne breakfasts in bed, twenty-four hour room service, incredible food from eight different gourmet restaurants at our beck and call, swim-up pool suites, ocean views, snorkeling in crystalline blue water, strawberry dacquiris at our convenience {YUM!}, secluded beaches, no screaming children, yoga classes ON THE BEACH, personal jacuzzis, piano bars if you’re feeling social, fluffy bathrobes and slippers, sailing and kayaking opportunities… the hardest part is having to wait another five months to actually GO.

{Secrets Maroma Beach}

Swoony swoon swoon swoon. Remember, you can always renew your vows or go on an anniversary trip once you’re already married! Drew and I have already made a pact to start eschewing things like lunches and dinners out in order to budget for the things we really want to spend money on in the future:  all-inclusive resort stays. Sounds like a plan to me! ;)

Carlie, thank you for everything!!! You’re wonderful and we CANNOT wait to step foot on whichever sandy beach we end up with! :)

~ Kelly