“If you have many guests traveling from near and far for your wedding, it’s a wonderful touch to give them a welcome bag or basket upon their arrival! These serve as a sweet “thank you” for coming and also ensure that your guests are comfortable while away from home.” ~Nashville Wedding Planner, Kristin Kaplan of Simply Stunning Events Nashville

So, what are some good things to include in your welcome bags for guests?  Below, we have a few ideas from Kristin and Nashville wedding designer Amber Housley:

Kristin suggests starting with the basics…

  • Two small bottles of water
  • Some small sodas
  • Snacks (include something sweet and something salty)
  • Individual packets of Advil or Tylenol
  • A guidebook of things to do and places to eat in Nashville
  • A note thanking your guests for coming

“….and to create a welcome gift bag with some Nashville flair, try including some Nashville postcards, Loveless jams, Moon Pies, Yazoo beer, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Lynchburg cakes and candy, or Goo-goo clusters.” ~Kristin

Here is what Amber suggested to Southern Weddings to add some Nashville flavor:

And for cute Nashville tote bags, Amber created this overlay (Download the PDF here):

“Another idea is to create a welcome bag that shows off what makes you unique as a couple! You can include some items that allow guests to learn a little more about you such as items native to your hometowns or the city where you met, a favorite movie to watch in the hotel room, your favorite snacks and drinks, or create a booklet that tells the story of how you met since not everyone attending may truly know the details. Symbolic items with attached notes are always fun too. For example, a couple that met in the “Big Apple” might include a green apple in their bag.” ~Kristin

Have any other suggestions on things to include in the Nashville tote? Leave a comment in the box below!!