Let’s wish a warm welcome to Life Body Balance for joining the StudioWed family! We are super excited to have this awesome company join the ranks of the rest of our excellent SW vendors.

Here’s a little about Life Body Balance:

Lose weight and reclaim your body for your wedding day and for the rest of
your life! Health coaching at Life Body Balance provides you with a
permanent way to lose weight that is a simple alternative to dieting. In
contrast to other weight loss programs, the programs at Life Body Balance
don’t involve points, calorie-counting or gimmicks. Those methods might work
in the short-term, but I’m committed to helping you lose weight for the rest
of your life, not just for a month or two. In these programs, you will be
given the simple strategies and essential tools you need to have the life
and body you’ve always dreamed of. I will work with you to develop a
personal approach, designed specifically for you and your body. By following
this step-by-step process, you’ll become happier and healthier than you’ve
ever been!

Life Body Balance is here for you when you need extra support to reach your
weight loss goals, for your wedding day or any other time in your life.
With both one-on-one and group health coaching programs available, you can
easily find the right type of support that works just for you and your

If you’re ready to take the next step, visit the Life Body Balance website
today (www.lifebodybalance.com) to set up your in-depth 45-minute
consultation to find out how this approach will work for you.

Intrigued? Email us at kelly@studiowed.net today to schedule your meeting or visit their website today!