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Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas!

Nowadays everyone is looking for that unique zest to add to their wedding ensemble. What better way to add a spark then with the very first ‘invitation’ your guests will receive, the Save the Date letter! Making this interesting and unique will automatically draw your guests attention and they will be anxiously anticipating any further news/invitations you have for them regarding your special day!

A lovely and ornate piece of paper with the news of your wedding is always classic and timeless, but if that ‘s not for you, we have some other great ideas!

A gorgeous printed kitchen towel with your date and names printed on it, is so unique and cute! Also, very Eco-friendly if you want to go that route! Your guests will never forget your big day as they have this hanging in their kitchen.


I think this is such a fun idea! A balloon with all of your Save the Date information on it! Your guests will have to blow up the balloon in order to fully read what you decide to have printed on it. They will love having these cute balloons bobbing around their homes, as they will constantly be reminded of when your big day is! You can choose the font, color and whether to go with latex or non-latex balloons.


This is a super neat idea, buttons and pencils with your save the date information on it! With sending these out, your guests will be able to use these on a day to day basis and will have it penciled into their brain just exactly when your special day is. Love this idea!


Seriously, how clever is this?! Let your guests ‘decode’ the date of your wedding with these super cool, old-school glasses and decoding paper! Your guests will have so much fun decoding your hidden message! This is also a great idea if you only want certain people knowing your business. ;)



Do you have some other neat ‘Save the Date’ ideas? If so, we would love to hear about them! What did you think about this blog? We would love to hear from you! Let’s chat!


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