Hello November! For Tennesseans this month means that the autumn weather has officially been welcomed in. This also means that everyone forgets about Thanksgiving and dives head first into the December holiday season…

For the wedding industry this means that hectic, busy wedding season is over and now is the prime time for engagements! Which we LOVE, because every engagement leads to a wedding (obviously)! That doesn’t go to say that there aren’t any November weddings and for the ones who are having a beautiful autumn wedding, we have collaborated a whimsical fall inspiration board just for you!

There are so many great qualities to having a wedding in the Autumn. Not only does the fall foliage do wonders for your outdoor photos, but no one will be passing out from heat stroke, your menu can have all of your favorite foods (including pumpkin everything), and the colors you can use! Oh my word, they are fabulous! There’s something about a wedding in the fall that makes it so intimate and special. Whether you are smitten with the idea of a wedding during this season or not, take a gander at our November inspiration board and leave us a comment letting us know what you think! We would love to get your feedback!

Happy fall, y’all!






Ruffled - photo by http://www.cyrience.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/fall-wedding-inspiration-with-a-cider-bar/