This week we’re featuring the lovely photographer, Kristyn Hogan!

I think the most important thing for a couple to do is to think about what they want in their wedding photographs. There are so many different styles from traditional to high fashion to photojournalistic to really the sky is the limit. And when you are determining what you want, think not only about what looks great now but what you want 50 years from now.

Wedding photographs are what you will have to remember the beginning of your new family, what you will have to show your children and your children’s children. It’s a lifetime investment, so finding a photographer you trust and truly connect with is the most important thing.

It’s important to invest in a professional, experienced wedding photographer that fits your style, personality and the vision you have for your day. Weddings are multi-faceted, fast paced and once in a lifetime and not just any person with a website, a camera and some photos from a wedding makes a great wedding photographer.