Marriage has a reputation for being boring and traditional and the ultimate act of settling down.

I’m going to have to disagree.

Marriage is an adventure. There is nothing more exciting, or more terrifying, than looking at your best friend and saying “I am choosing you. Forever.”

On Sunday, August 22nd from 1pm to 7pm the Bliss Workshop is coming to StudioWed Nashville and we’re going to get you ready for this adventure known as marriage.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Relaxed environment. Bliss at StudioWed is a relaxing event. For the most part you’ll sit back and soak up some great information about personality differences, love languages finances, sex and communication. We’ll be in a living room setting where everyone can wind down and simply enjoy the day.
  • Small group. Bliss at StudioWed is limited to 5 couples so that you get a chance to know other couples who are making the same leap as you. Building community is key for a healthy marriage and why not start with making friend here?
  • Laughter. Between funny anecdotes and Newlywed Game answers you’re sure to get a chuckle or two.
  • Wedding advice from pros. This is one huge perk courtesy of StudioWed vendors. While we eat dinner we’ll have a few wedding pros around to answer any questions you may have about weddings and marriage in general (many StudioWed vendors are also happily married business partners, too!).
  • Increased confidence. More than the information or activities that Bliss will provide, the real treasure in this experience is the process of truly slowing down and asking yourself and each other “Why are we doing this and what are we going to do to make sure we succeed?” Taking the time to prepare now will give you the confidence necessary to handle future bumps in the road.
  • $60 discount on your Tennessee marriage license. Bliss does meet the requirements for premarital education in Tennessee so you’re practically making money by joining us!

The cost of the Bliss workshop is $100/couple (dinner is included). Email Marie at if you have any other questions or to reserve your spot (they’ll go quickly!).

~ Mary Alice