One of the biggest decisions to make when planning your wedding is what theme to choose! I think one of the best ways to express your wedding theme is by the centerpieces you choose for your reception tables. You can make a bold statement with your centerpieces. Yes, traditionally most centerpieces include floral arrangements and candles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step outside of the box!
There are so many themes to choose from such as rustic, chic, glamorous, etc. Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse, so it should express both of you! If you’re not into the whole flower ordeal, you could use lanterns, candle arrangements, pictures, lamps, etc. If you do like the more traditional route of floral arrangements, candles, and decor, you have so much to work with.
Your floral arrangement can express you, your wedding theme, and even the season. Check out this inspiration board with some centerpiece ideas.

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Written by: Meta Lake
Meta attends high school in Wilson County and is interning at StudioWed this spring.