It’s the first week of StudioWed Nashville’s Meet the Interns series!  This week, we would like to introduce Ellie!

Name: Ellie McDonough
Role: Blog Manager/Venue Relations
School: Vanderbilt University
Major: English literature
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Hobbies: running, wakeboarding, reading

What made you interested in this internship?
I have always loved weddings. My friends get so tired of movie nights at my house because I constantly pick Bride Wars! I also have a secret obsession with reading wedding magazines, which got embarrassing once when the cashier congratulated me on my engagement! I had to explain to him that I just read them for fun, something that is much more acceptable at StudioWed :)

What do you like most about working at StudioWed Nashville?
One of my favorite things about the internship program at StudioWed Nashville is the way we all work together! All of the interns share tasks and help with brainstorming. For example, I could not possibly write every blog post, so all of the other interns help me out by submitting their own posts! By working together, and under the guidance of our Studio Manager Porsche, we are able to work to the best of our abilities and learn a lot while still having fun and forming great friendships!

Fun fact: I ran my first full marathon last year, and I can’t wait to do another!