Your perfect wedding has just ended and now it’s time for an amazing and well-deserved vacation…but the last thing you want to do during the planning process is frantically try to book flights and hotels for your dream getaway. With the help of Carlie Finch of 2 Travel Anywhere – an elite honeymoon travel consultant – planning the perfect, relaxing honeymoon is a breeze. Carlie is a certified Sandals specialist and 2 Travel Anywhere is committed to searching for the best honeymoon free of charge. In a recent interview with Carlie, I was able to get all of the details on the perks of hiring an experienced honeymoon consultant.

Why is this is a better option than a do-it-yourself travel website?

There are so many reasons why you should consider 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC to plan your dream honeymoon. We are not your typical travel agency. We specialize in honeymoon planning and making sure that the two of you have nothing to worry about but enjoying time together. The internet is filled with information about travel, and it takes a lot of time to sort through everything to find exactly what you are looking for. You can spend those countless hours on the internet searching for the best honeymoon spot and still not find what you want. Contacting us to help book your dream honeymoon is stress-free. We will send you as many options as you like until finding the perfect option, saving you from being stressed out about where to start.

In today’s economy, budgeting and getting the best deal for your money is always important. That’s why Carlie works with your budget.

Every couple has their own budget. The question is what type of honeymoon do you want? When deciding on your budget, you must think about activities: spa date? dinner on the beach? or maybe something different the both you may enjoy doing. We will make sure you have your once in a lifetime honeymoon within the budget that works best for the two of you.

So what makes planning your Honeymoon different than planning any other vacation?

Your honeymoon should be more than just your typical vacation. You typically only get one honeymoon, so you want this once in a lifetime experience to be a trip you will remember the rest of your lives. The honeymoon is about the two of you celebrating the beginning of the rest of your lives in the destination that matters most to the two of you which is so much more than your normal vacation.

For those of you who have already booked a hotel or honeymoon destination, here is some last minute advice from the honeymoon guru herself:

Definitely be sure to start gathering the items you want to bring with you for your honeymoon a few weeks before the wedding. Be prepared the week before your wedding! The last thing you want to worry about is packing your bags, so be sure to try to and pack early. When it comes to your honeymoon, you can never be too prepared. Be attentive to how much you pack: too much and your bag will be over the weight limit of 50 lbs. …too little and you may have to buy some things you didn’t pack. Also, be sure to bring a copy of your wedding invitation or marriage certificate with you. Most resorts want proof that this is your honeymoon. Some resorts will offer something special for the two of you celebrating your honeymoon.

There you have it! All of the tips and tricks on how to achieve the honeymoon of your dreams. Contact us at to set up a consultation with Carlie. You will be glad you did!

~Aaron Shirley