There are many venues that we love around Nashville. We can honestly say that each venue is unique and you will like it according to your wedding style. For example, let’s say that your wedding has a very rustic style, in that case you probably won’t like something such as The Schermerhorn for your event. Instead, something more like Cedarwood or Houston Station would be more up your alley.

There are many crucial decisions you have to make while choosing your venue. Having a venue and style that compliments each other is such a wonderful feeling! Let’s say that you decide to have a chic rustic wedding, you would more than likely want to look for places that have a rustic feel, but maybe more of a city chic location or vise versa.

Because there are so many venues in Nashville and greater Nashville, we completely understand that this decision can be beyond overwhelming. We want you to know that StudioWed is not only here to help you choose the vendors that fit you perfectly, but we are also here to help you choose the right venue!

If you haven’t already scheduled a consultation with us, please be sure to do so! We would love to get to know you and your fiance! It’s our goal to make your dream wedding happen!

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