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Well, what can I say, I am a follower of Christ. I was a debutante.  I have a strange obsession with Military Aircraft.  I love blues music.  I wish I could play the guitar like Bonnie Raitt (actually, I just wish I could play the guitar).  My favorite color is orange.  I have a very raw, gritty side, but I also have a refined, classic sensibility… all these things play out in my photography.  Most importantly, wedding photography is not just a means to an end for me- I have great joy in sharing one of the most important days in the lives of a couple and capturing it in ways that are meaningful.




Get to know Courtney:


  1. What is your favorite vacation spot? —  Bora Bora.  I mean, I assume it would be if I could ever go there.  haha.  If it is a place I have actually been to, I really enjoyed my solo vacation at Zion National Park last Fall.  
  2. Favorite Nashville hangout? — Our neighborhood bar, Village Pub.  They serve my favorite Bourbon and Scotch Whiskeys without the pretentious atmosphere.  
  3. What is your favorite sport? — FOOTBALL.  Crimson Tide.  Carolina Panthers.  Of course, the only time I get to watch football is if I am photographing the groomsmen getting ready haha.
  4. What makes you stand out? — I think the way I manage a wedding day.  Aside from the obvious, that I want to deliver my best work to every client I have, my heart is also that they actually enjoy their wedding day.  It goes by so fast.  And that is why I value my personal interaction with the clients, families and guests as much as I value making beautiful photographs.  Most of the feedback I get from my brides is not just that they loved their photos, but also that they remember how I managed time, families, “emergencies”, and took control when needed.  When things get tough or stressful, my experience gives them a confidence and trust in me that sets them at ease.  
  5. What does your ideal day look like? — Hm.  It definitely doesn’t involve a computer haha.  Ideally, I would like to sleep til 10 (I am a night owl), drink a Sundrop (my version of coffee) go hiking or something outdoors, maybe work on my succulent garden, hang out with some friends and cookout or something like that.  A girl can dream.  ;)



What Others Are Saying: “Hiring Courtney to be our wedding photographer was by far the best decision we made! She made having pictures taken easy and fun. She spent the time to make sure we felt comfortable throughout the entire process. I am so happy with how our photos turned out. She delivers a mix of beautiful, classic portraits and artistic shots that are like no other. She also pays attention to detail and gives you shots of every aspect of your wedding day. Her turn-around time on engagement photos and wedding photos is unbelievably quick and they are better than I could have ever imagined!” – Becca Senter

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