Calligraphy has been around for thousands of years and is still immensely popular today. From invitations to place cards, calligraphy, done properly, can make a plain sheet of paper a gorgeous work of art.

Hardink Calligraphy will take care of all of your hand writing needs! Elizabeth Hardin, the founder of Hardink Calligraphy, has her own creative design studio that specializes in custom calligraphy for weddings, businesses, and special events.

Based out of Nashville, TN, she works with many different brides, clients, and businesses nationwide. She has been featured through Bella Figura, and many other prominent businesses.

Here are some photos of some of her gorgeous work!









Be sure to visit her website at www.hardinkcalligraphy.com or contact her through hardinkcalligrpahy@gmail.com or 336.457.7292


Photos by Hardink Calligraphy

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